Slang definition of Scotch Pegs

Scotch Pegs means: Legs

What is the slang definition/meaning of Scotch Pegs?

Scotch Pegs means: Legs

Slang meaning of Scotch Pegs

Scotch Pegs means: Legs

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Meaning of SCOTCH PEGS

SCOTCH PEGS means: Scotch pegs is London Cockney rhyming slang for legs.

Meaning of Scotch Pegs

Scotch Pegs means: Legs. Sit down and take a load off your pegs. For whatever reason, the common usage is the rhyming word rather than the first

Meaning of Scotch Pegs

Scotch Pegs means: Legs

Meaning of Solitaire

Solitaire means: n a game played alone on a sort of four-pointed-star board full of pegs in little holes, where the idea is to remove pegs by jumping other pegs over the top of them, ultimately with the intention of ending up with a single peg left on the board in the middle. Traditionally, the Brits refer to card games one plays alone as “patience” rather than “solitaire” but Microsoft has gone a fair way to changing that.

Meaning of SCOTCH MIST

SCOTCH MIST means: Scotch mist is British slang for a mirage, something insubstantial or non−existent. Scotch mist isBritish slang for pouring rain.Scotch mist is London Cockney rhyming slang for drunk, intoxicated (pissed).

Meaning of Scotch

Scotch means: a contraction of the word “Scottish,” this is now only used in the context of foodstuffs (and even then really just Scotch eggs), and whisky – Brits refer to anything else as being “Scottish.” So those from Scotland aren’t Scotch people; they are Scottish people. If they were Scotch people, they would be made primarily from whisky. Oh, wait…

Meaning of SCOTCH

SCOTCH means: Scotch is betting slang for evens (/).

Meaning of SCOTCH EGG

SCOTCH EGG means: Scotch egg is British rhyming slang for leg.


BOTTLE OF SCOTCH means: Bottle of scotch is London Cockney rhyming slang for a watch.


SCOTCH COFFEE means: Scotch coffee is slang for hot water flavoured with burnt biscuit.

Meaning of Scotch Mist

Scotch Mist means: Pissed (drunk). e was completely scotch mist last night.

Meaning of Timbers

Timbers means: Legs. Also "stems" or "pegs."

Meaning of Mumbley Pegs

Mumbley Pegs means: Legs. Stand on your own mumbleys

Meaning of chapel hat pegs

chapel hat pegs means: Noun. Erect and prominent female nipples.

Meaning of Pegboard

Pegboard means: A board that is kept on the brow of the ship that uses pegs to indicates whether an officer is onboard or ashore.

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Meaning of BUM GRAVY

BUM GRAVY means: Bum gravy is slang for diarrhoea.

Meaning of CARZEY

CARZEY means: Carzey is Cockney slang for a lavatory; toilet.

Meaning of JILLION

JILLION means: Jillion is American slang for a very large number or amount.

Meaning of YIKE

YIKE means: Yike is Australian slang for a brawl or violent quarrel.

Meaning of PDQ

PDQ means: Pretty Darn Quick

Meaning of head

head means: A male receiving oral sex.  "Matt told mike that Jessica gives real good head."  Lyrical reference: Artist: Too-Short; Album: Get In Where You Fit In; Song: Blow Job Betty  “She’s the kind of girl you think about in bed. Blow Job Betty givin’ real good head." 

Meaning of suspenders

suspenders means: n garters. The things used by women to hold up their stockings. They are not used by men to hold up their trousers (Brits call those devices “braces”) or their socks (they call those things, umm, “garters”).

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