Slang definition of Tin Tack

Tin Tack means: Sack (fired). He got the tin tack the other day.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Tin Tack?

Tin Tack means: Sack (fired). He got the tin tack the other day.

Slang meaning of Tin Tack

Tin Tack means: Sack (fired). He got the tin tack the other day.

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Meaning of TACK

TACK means: Tack is slang for squalor, shabbiness, seediness. Tack is slang for cheap, inferior, in bad taste. Tack is slang for join a couple in marriage.

Meaning of Starboard Tack

Starboard Tack means: A sailboat sailing on a tack with the wind coming from starboard and the boom on the port side. If two boats under sail are approaching, the one on port tack must give way to the boat on starboard tack.

Meaning of Hammer and Tack

Hammer and Tack means: Back. Ooh! Me 'ammer and tack's playing me up again.

Meaning of On a Tack

On a Tack means: A sailboat is always on one tack or the other; that is the sail is always on one side or the other.

Meaning of TIN TACK

TIN TACK means: Tin tack is British rhyming slang for fact.Tin tack is British rhyming slang for dismissal from employment (sack).

Meaning of Come/Coming About

Come/Coming About means: Bringing the boat from one tack to the other when sailing into the wind, so that the sail is flown in the opposite side by turning through the eye of the wind; Tack

Meaning of On the wrong tack

On the wrong tack means: This was originally a nautical term for a sailing vessel which is sailing a bit too close to the wind for that particular tack.

Meaning of Tin Tack

Tin Tack means: Sack (fired). He got the tin tack the other day.


HAMMER AND TACK means: Hammer and tack is British building rhyming slang for back.

Meaning of TACK ATTACK

TACK ATTACK means: Tack attack is British slang for a bout of bad taste.

Meaning of Tack

Tack means: term used to describe any of the various equipment and accessories worn by horses in the course of their use as domesticated animals. Saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales, and breastplates are all forms of horse tack; tacking includes grooming and putting on the riding equipment.

Meaning of Tack

Tack means: To shift the tacks and brace the yards, and turn the ship's head to the wind, so that she shall sail at the same angle to the wind on the other side; to go about in this way; also tack about. Hence, to make a run or course obliquely against the wind; to proceed by a series of such courses; to beat to windward: often said of the ship itself..

Meaning of Come About

Come About means: 1. To tack. 2. To change tack. 3. To maneuver the bow of a sailing vessel across the wind so that the wind changes from one side of the vessel to the other. 4. To position a vessel with respect to the wind after tacking. 5. To change one's attitude. To begin to see things in a different way.

Meaning of Sail

Sail means: SAIL = Sailcloth, A large piece of fabric designed to be hoisted on the spars of a sailboat in such a manner as to catch the wind and propel the boat. The specification for naval sailcloth in 1794 (the heyday of sailing ships required the material to be made of the best flax, unbleached, with a small mixture of hemp. Names of Parts of Boats' Sails Head ... upper edge (Peak to Throat). Luff ... foremost edge (Throat to Tack). Leach ... after edge (Peak to Clew). Foot ... lower edge (Clew to Tack). Roach ... curve in the foot or leach. Throat (or Knock) ... upper foremost corner (between Head and Luff). Peak ... upper after corner (between Leach and Head). Tack ... lower foremost corner (between Luff and Foot). Clew ... lower after corner (between Leach and Foot).

Meaning of Tin Tack

Tin Tack means: Sack

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Meaning of JASPER

JASPER means: Jasper is British slang for a wasp.Jasper is Black−American slang for lesbian

Meaning of TRUB

TRUB means: Trub is British slang for trouble.

Meaning of keester-bandit

keester-bandit means: In anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.

Meaning of Kiss My Wrist

Kiss My Wrist means: another way to say kiss my butt!

Meaning of blessed

blessed means: Emphatic adjective. I wish Alonzo would keep his blasted nose out of my business.

Meaning of horse

horse means: A large, strong man with a big appetite. They caught him with a load of horse in the car.

Meaning of washed up

washed up means: Finished, done in. I've worked on this job so long that I'm washed out.

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