Slang definition of Chock-Full or Chuck-Full

Chock-Full or Chuck-Full means: Entirely full.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Chock-Full or Chuck-Full?

Chock-Full or Chuck-Full means: Entirely full.

Slang meaning of Chock-Full or Chuck-Full

Chock-Full or Chuck-Full means: Entirely full.

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Meaning of chockablock | chock-a-block | chock-full

chockablock | chock-a-block | chock-full means: completely full of people or things, crammed full

Meaning of Chock-Full or Chuck-Full

Chock-Full or Chuck-Full means: Entirely full.

Meaning of Chocka:Block:

Chocka:Block: means: (1) When a line is pulled as tight as is can go, as when two blocks are pulled together so that no further movement is possible (also known as "Two blocked"). (2) (Chock full): When the sails were pulled in tight so that the boat could sail as close to the wind as possible, the blocks (pulleys) would be pulled "hard-up" or in as tight or close together as possible. This would be called "chock-a-block," or chock full."

Meaning of Chock a block

Chock a block means: Completely full, stuffed, Squeezed together. e.g. "There's no way I can get any more into the boot of the car, it's already chock a block"

Meaning of Chock-A-Block

Chock-A-Block means: 1. Rigging blocks that are so tight against one another that they cannot be further tightened. 2. Describing something that is full up.

Meaning of full stop

full stop means: n period. The little dot at the end of a sentence, not the part of the menstrual cycle. Brits also use full stop for emphasis the same way that Americans use “period”: And I says to him, I’m not putting up with this any more, full stop.

Meaning of (the) full monty

(the) full monty means: Noun. The complete amount. The Monty is also spelt with a capital M. E.g."No we didn't do the full monty but I think next time I can persuade her." See associated article the full monty.

Meaning of choc a block

choc a block means: very full (also chockers) ‘I’m chock a block.’

Meaning of Full quid

Full quid means: Having full control of one's body and mind. See also Not the full quid

Meaning of full of shit

full of shit means: speaking absolute rubbish ‘You’re full of shit’

Meaning of hod full

hod full means: Adj. A large amount. From the building trade and a hod full of bricks. Also hodful.

Meaning of Full

Full means: The appearance of muscle pressing against skin. The best competitive bodybuilders manage to look simultaneous full and shredded.

Meaning of MAUL

MAUL means: Work an 'engine with full stroke and full throttle

Meaning of Full and By

Full and By means: Sailing as close to the wind as possible with all sails full and drawing.

Meaning of FULL

FULL means: Full is American and Australian slang for drunk.

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Meaning of DUKE OF KENT

DUKE OF KENT means: Duke of Kent is London Cockney rhyming slang for bent. Duke of Kent is London Cockney rhyming slang for rent.

Meaning of HACKER

HACKER means: Originally, a hacker was someone who made furniture with an axe.In computing slang, a hacker is a person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systemsand how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimumnecessary. Also, one who programs enthusiastically (even obsessively) or who enjoys programmingrather than just theorizing about programming.

Meaning of NICE ONE, CYRIL

NICE ONE, CYRIL means: Nice one, Cyril is London Cockney rhyming slang for squirrel.

Meaning of TAKE

TAKE means: Take is slang for to cheat, deceive, or victimise.Take is slang for an inhalation from a cannabis cigarette or pipe.

Meaning of Acting the fool

Acting the fool means: Much like "Acting the Maggot". Someone who is acting foolishly and causing problems or annoying others. Heard more often in urban environs.

Meaning of Sorted

Sorted means: When you have fixed a problem and someone asks how it is going you might say "sorted". It's also popular these days to say "get it sorted" when you are telling someone to get on with the job.

Meaning of rocket

rocket means: n arugula.

Meaning of Ginuls/jinels

Ginuls/jinels means: fixed up or conned by someone/something, or, used to describe something that is a con: ” dem phones 4 u deals are a jinels”. Also to “bump”.

Meaning of rack

rack means: a hair comb

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