Slang definition of Scrub

Scrub means: A horse of little value.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Scrub?

Scrub means: A horse of little value.

Slang meaning of Scrub

Scrub means: A horse of little value.

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Meaning of SCRUB

SCRUB means: Scrub is slang for a cancellation or abandonment, especially of a flying mission. Scrub is horse racing slang for to urge a horse forwards by moving the arms and whip rhythmically forwards andbackwards alongside its neck.Scrub is military slang for severely reprimand; punish.Scrub was old slang for a shabby, seedy person.

Meaning of stain

stain means: Used to describe a scrub. (ed: it's odd how one slang term is used to refer to another. But also we don't have a definition for 'scrub' so if someone would oblige please?).

Meaning of scrub

scrub means: Cancel. We decided to scrub the trip when we saw the weather report.

Meaning of scrub up well

scrub up well means: Vrb phrs. To dress up smartly and clean, in comparison to normally. E.g."Dont worry about me showing you up, I scrub up well and won't be wearing my jeans."

Meaning of Scrub Around; Scrub Round

Scrub Around; Scrub Round means: To figure out another way to accomplish a task.

Meaning of Holystone

Holystone means: A chunk of sandstone used to scrub decks. The name comes from both the kneeling position sailors adopt to scrub the deck (reminiscent of genuflection for prayer), and the stone itself (which resembled a Bible in shape and size).

Meaning of scrub round

scrub round means: Verb. To avoid or disregard (something). E.g."If you haven't got the time to complete the task, scrub round the latter part." {Informal}

Meaning of monkey scrub

monkey scrub means: Grabbing a school-mate, getting him in a headlock and rubbing your knuckles up and down his skull. Painful. "I got him and gave him a monkey scrub until his eyes watered.".

Meaning of scrub

scrub means: n. A person who is poor and has little to no money. The group T.L.C. popularized the word back in the 90’s with their song “No Scrub.” In the song they actually define the term.  "Man, I ain't hangin' out with them scrubs; we’ll have to pay for their lunch and bus fare!" 

Meaning of Scrub

Scrub means: Somebody.

Meaning of Scrub

Scrub means: To clean.

Meaning of scrub

scrub means: Marijuana

Meaning of Scrub

Scrub means: A horse of little value.

Meaning of Scrub Out

Scrub Out means: To clean from top to bottom.

Meaning of Scrub

Scrub means: Poor student

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Meaning of SET

SET means: Set is slang for mark as prey for robbing or apprehending. Set is American slang for a gang.

Meaning of boob

boob means: Noun. 1. A mistake. Cf. 'booboo'. 2. A breast. See 'boobs'.

Meaning of eating irons

eating irons means: Noun. Cutlery.

Meaning of have it

have it means: Verb. 1. To go for it, in the sense of not holding back. E.g."We were having it last night, it was fantastic, but I can't remember a bloody thing after 3am." 2. An exclamation of encouragement, to a friend or colleague, to put everything into it. E.g."Go on my friend, have it!"

Meaning of DK

DK means: Don't Know

Meaning of darned

darned means: Emphatic adjective (euphemism for damned). Why are you so darned quiet?

Meaning of screwed

screwed means: (1) Being in a difficult situation with no solution (2) the state of being after having had sex.

Meaning of paddling the robbin

paddling the robbin means: To masturbate.

Meaning of edge

edge means: State of drunkenness, intoxication. It is best to talk about your problems than let them eat your heart out.

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