Slang definition of Six-shooter Horse

Six-shooter Horse means: A fast horse.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Six-shooter Horse?

Six-shooter Horse means: A fast horse.

Slang meaning of Six-shooter Horse

Six-shooter Horse means: A fast horse.

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Meaning of Six-shooter horse

Six-shooter horse means: a fast horse.

Meaning of Six-shooter Horse

Six-shooter Horse means: A fast horse.

Meaning of SHOOTER

SHOOTER means: Shooter is British slang for a gun.Shooter is American slang for a measure of spirits intended to be drunk in one swallow.

Meaning of hip-shooter

hip-shooter means: Always talking without thinking. He is such a hip-shooter his foot spends more time in his mouth than in its shoe.


STRAIGHT−SHOOTER means: Straight−shooter is American slang for honest, trustworthy, straightforward.

Meaning of PEE−SHOOTER

PEE−SHOOTER means: Pee−shooter is British slang for the penis.


PILL−SHOOTER means: Pill−shooter is slang for a doctor.

Meaning of Two handed horse or two-rein horse

Two handed horse or two-rein horse means: a horse that isn’t trained to neck rein; a horse that requires two hands to control.

Meaning of Dude horse

Dude horse means: a horse that is slow, easy, lazy, and plodding; not a good horse for an experienced rider.

Meaning of poop shute, poop shooter

poop shute, poop shooter means: (1) Anus. (2) Also used as insult as "Man, you take it up the poop shute/shooter!".

Meaning of Dead Horse

Dead Horse means: (1) Dead Horse (Flogging a dead horse): The term "flogging a dead horse" alludes to the difficulty of getting any extra work from a crew during a celebration held by British crews when they had been at sea four weeks and had worked off their initial advance (often one month's pay). At the expiration of the first month of the voyage, it was at one time customary to hoist in the rigging a canvas effigy of a horse. (2)Seaman's term for the period of work on board ship for which he has been paid in advance when signing on.

Meaning of Hobbles

Hobbles means: a device that prevents or limits the motion of a horse by tethering one or more legs when no tie device, tree, or other object is available; allows horse to graze and move short and slow distances, but prevents horse from funning off too far.

Meaning of Bean-shooter

Bean-shooter means: Gun

Meaning of Shooter

Shooter means: The catapult officer.

Meaning of Biscuit Shooter

Biscuit Shooter means: The cook.

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Meaning of BRT

BRT means: Be Right There

Meaning of IANAC

IANAC means: I Am Not A Crook

Meaning of minstrel

minstrel means: Denotes a lad or set of lads that basically "sucked up", "arse licked" etc any or all of the most good looking girls in the school. The contributor says it was used because they said they used to serenade the girls with their lutes like Minstrels used to do in Tudor society. They used to say f-ing minstrels or lute players (often spelled as loot). Really they were just jealous of one set of popular lads, but it was funny. He also said his best mate was one of those lads and he still sometimes call him it today if he is chatting up a bird.

Meaning of kosher dick

kosher dick means: A circumcised penis.

Meaning of Darky Cox

Darky Cox means: Box

Meaning of CITIES

CITIES means: ecstasy (white and blues)

Meaning of boot

boot means: Dismissal, firing. Watch out! Looks like she's going to boot.

Meaning of tight-laced

tight-laced means: Priggish and tense. Boy, that new song you wrote is tight.

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