Slang definition of Orlop

Orlop means: Deck where cables are stored away

What is the slang definition/meaning of Orlop?

Orlop means: Deck where cables are stored away

Slang meaning of Orlop

Orlop means: Deck where cables are stored away

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Meaning of Orlop

Orlop means: (normally not called the orlop deck, just orlop) is the lowest deck on a ship usually covering the hold. Quite often the magazines (ammunition rooms) would be found under the orlop, typically aft on war ships. Remember to get to the hold, you have to pass under the orlop. The hold resides between the orlop and the bilge.

Meaning of Orlop

Orlop means: Deck where cables are stored away

Meaning of Orlop

Orlop means: Name given to the lowest deck in a ship.

Meaning of Deck

Deck means: A permanent covering over a compartment, hull or any part thereof. Decks include but are not limited to Poop, Forecastle, Spar, Main, Lower Deck, Middle Deck, Berth, Orlop, Berth, Bilge, etc.

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