Slang definition of Kill

Kill means: To really impress

What is the slang definition/meaning of Kill?

Kill means: To really impress

Slang meaning of Kill

Kill means: To really impress

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Meaning of kill

kill means: Waste (time). Kill the lights and let's look at the Christmas tree in the dark.

Meaning of kill

kill means: To turn off, switch off. Kill the lights and let's look at the Christmas tree in the dark.

Meaning of Kill a snake

Kill a snake means: urinate ‘He’s gone to kill a snake’

Meaning of Kill

Kill means: To fracture or delight.You "kill" me, man, the way you're always clowning around.

Meaning of KILL

KILL means: Kill is slang for to finish, complete.

Meaning of KILL IT

KILL IT means: Kill it is surfing slang for to surf well.

Meaning of KILL SHOT

KILL SHOT means: Kill shot is American sports slang for a deliberately overly aggressive tackle which is meant to impair the future performance of the player who was tackled.


KILL THAT NOISE means: Kill that noise is American slang for shut up, stop talking.

Meaning of Pop

Pop means: Kill

Meaning of L4L

L4L means: Kill Yourself.

Meaning of Bop

Bop means: To kill

Meaning of Sly

Sly means: Kill it.

Meaning of DTK

DTK means: Down To Kill

Meaning of Bed Him Down

Bed Him Down means: To kill a man.

Meaning of ice (2)

ice (2) means: to kill someone

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Meaning of FIR

FIR means: Fir is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of peanut smuggling

peanut smuggling means: Noun. Of a woman, having prominently erect nipples, visible through her clothing. Cf. 'smuggling peanuts'.

Meaning of WIIWII

WIIWII means: Well It Is What It Is

Meaning of kicking

kicking means: Excellent, outstanding. That band was kicking!

Meaning of Irish turkey

Irish turkey means: Corned beef and cabbage

Meaning of you go!

you go! means: excl. Good for you! More power to you! (usu. used with "girl": "You go, girl!")

Meaning of Dram Shop

Dram Shop means: A small drinking establishment, used in the early 19th century.

Meaning of CREDIT CARD

CREDIT CARD means: crack stem

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