Slang definition of GREEN

GREEN means: inferior quality marijuana; ketamine

What is the slang definition/meaning of GREEN?

GREEN means: inferior quality marijuana; ketamine

Slang meaning of GREEN

GREEN means: inferior quality marijuana; ketamine

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Meaning of GREEN

GREEN means: Green is slang for an unsophisticated, naïve person. Green is slang for cannabis.Green is slang for phencyclidine. Green is slang for ketamine. Green is slang for money.Green is slang for sexual intercourse. Green is slang for to swindle, to hoax.Green is American slang for a bottle of beer. Green is American slang for utterly.

Meaning of Green Buoy/Can

Green Buoy/Can means: A can buoy. A cylindrical buoy painted green and having an odd number used in the United States as a navigational aid. At night they may have a green light. Green buoys should be kept on the left side when returning from a larger body of water to a smaller one.

Meaning of Green-to-Green

Green-to-Green means: A passage of two vessels moving in the opposite direction on their starboard sides, so called because the green navigation light on one of the vessels faces the green light on the other vessel.


WEARING THE GREEN means: Carrying green signals. When trains run in more than one section, all except the last must display two green flags


RUN OF THE GREEN means: Run of the green is British slang for to drive along a road and have every traffic light green.


CARRYING GREEN means: Train whose engine displays green flags by day or green lights by night to indicate that a second section is following closely. Carrying white in the same manner signifies an extra train


GREEN BERETS means: members of the Special Forces of the U.S. Army. They were awarded the green beret headgear as a mark of distinction. Pg. 511. Also referred to as Green Beanies. (See Special Forces.)

Meaning of GREEN ROOM

GREEN ROOM means: Green room is entertainment slang for a place where performers or guests wait before going on stage. Green room is surfing slang for the tube of a wave, as seen from the inside.

Meaning of Cabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green.

Cabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green. means: color of money

Meaning of green

green means: Ecologically responsible. Management thinks our company is green because we use paper cups in the office.

Meaning of Green Scrubby

Green Scrubby means: A dark green nylon scrubbing or scouring pad.

Meaning of Green Pyjamas

Green Pyjamas means: A collective term for the former green combat dress.

Meaning of Green Maggot

Green Maggot means: Army green mummy-style sleeping bag.

Meaning of green fingers

green fingers means: n green thumbs. A characteristic of a person particularly good at looking after plants. Difficult to imagine how these two different terms arose, but there you go.

Meaning of BIG GREEN

BIG GREEN means: Big Green is American slang for Dartmouth College, USA.

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Meaning of PASTING

PASTING means: Pasting is slang for a thrashing; heavy defeat.

Meaning of messy

messy means: Adj. Describing a very enjoyable time, at which there was extreme intoxication on drink or drugs. E.g."We had a great time at the weekend, it got very messy and I still cant remember what happened."

Meaning of mickie

mickie means: a pint of hard liquor

Meaning of bank holiday

bank holiday means: n any public holiday for which the public have forgotten the original purpose. You know, that holiday on the fourth Monday in June. It was something to do with Saint Swithen, I think. He was born maybe. Or was he beheaded?

Meaning of dinner

dinner means: n Northern English mid-day meal. This is a bit of a generalisation — the words dinner, “tea,” “lunch” and “supper” seem to be assigned to meals spattered randomly around the day in both American and English regional dialects.

Meaning of chicken head

chicken head means: A woman performing oral sex on a man - because her head bobs like a chicken's. Commonly used in rap or hip hop.

Meaning of asphyxiophilia

asphyxiophilia means: Strangulation fetish. This is sexual arousal caused by loss of control over your ability to breathe. Self strangulation or allowing another person to asphyxiate you. See fetish for a listing of sexual fetishes. (ed: the practice has led to the deaths of many people - some famous)

Meaning of thrash and trash

thrash and trash means: To get someone high and take advantage of them sexually, often forcibly. Often used by younger, aggressive surfers to describe "taking down" an arrogant straight considered a tease.

Meaning of phatty

phatty means: Excellent, outstanding. That group's music is hella phat.

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