Slang definition of CHINA TOWN

CHINA TOWN means: fentanyl

What is the slang definition/meaning of CHINA TOWN?

CHINA TOWN means: fentanyl

Slang meaning of CHINA TOWN

CHINA TOWN means: fentanyl

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Meaning of china town

china town means: Fentanyl

Meaning of CHINA TOWN

CHINA TOWN means: fentanyl

Meaning of China

China means: as in G'day China, me old China - abbreviation of China plate meaning "mate"

Meaning of CHINA

CHINA means: China is British rhyming slang for a friend (shortened from china plate, meaning mate).

Meaning of china

china means: Noun. A term of address, usually friendly. Derived from the cockney rhyming slang china plate, meaning mate. E.g."Alright china! How's it going then?"

Meaning of china

china means: Friend (Cockney rhyming slang, China plate = mate). Used as "What ho me ol' china??".

Meaning of china

china means: old friend (china plate: mate) ‘Look, here comes me old china!’

Meaning of China white

China white means: [from China (Indochina) white or white stuff = heroin; since the 1970s] (1) relatively pure heroin from Southeast Asia. (2) analogs of fentanyl (Sublimaze), an opioid more potent than heroin and sold on the street as China white

Meaning of CHINA POT

CHINA POT means: China pot is British slang for great riches.

Meaning of China Plate

China Plate means: Mate. How are you, my old china?


CHIN−SPLITTER means: Chin−splitter is American slang for a narrow goatee beard.

Meaning of CHINA WHITE

CHINA WHITE means: China White is slang for a particularly pure and often lethal variety of heroin.

Meaning of CHINA PLATE

CHINA PLATE means: China plate is Cockney rhyming slang for mate.

Meaning of CHINA BROWN

CHINA BROWN means: China brown is slang for a particular type of far eastern heroin.

Meaning of town-gown

town-gown means: Pertaining to relations between students and local residents in a college town. That guy over there isn't doing much for town-gown relations.

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Meaning of HARDBAG

HARDBAG means: Hardbag is slang for in an attempt to further categorize house music, this name was applied to handbag tunes which had the hard quality of European hardhouse.

Meaning of NOSE−BAG

NOSE−BAG means: Nose−bag is slang for food or a meal.

Meaning of OLD RAG

OLD RAG means: Old rag is London Cockney rhyming slang for flag.

Meaning of pulling tongues

pulling tongues means: Vrb phrs. Having an urgent need defecate. E.g."Hurry up, I'm pulling tongues here and need the toilet." [Merseyside use]

Meaning of OLN

OLN means: OnLine Netiquette

Meaning of catamite

catamite means: Homosexual.

Meaning of White cow

White cow means: Vanilla milkshake

Meaning of Smooth Move Ex Lax

Smooth Move Ex Lax means: rude comment

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