Slang definition of CUBES

CUBES means: crack

What is the slang definition/meaning of CUBES?

CUBES means: crack

Slang meaning of CUBES

CUBES means: crack

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Meaning of RUBIK'S CUBES

RUBIK'S CUBES means: Rubik's cubes is London Cockney rhyming slang for pubic hair (pubes).

Meaning of sugar cubes

sugar cubes means: LSD

Meaning of orange cubes

orange cubes means: LSD

Meaning of SUGAR CUBES




Meaning of CUBES

CUBES means: crack

Meaning of CUBES

CUBES means: marijuana tablets

Meaning of gumbeens

gumbeens means: cubes of chewing tobacco

Meaning of cubes

cubes means: Marijuana tablets; crack cocaine

Meaning of cuddle

cuddle means: To hug and kiss. He's pretty cool but his rents are cubes.

Meaning of cube

cube means: An old-fashioned person. He's pretty cool but his rents are cubes.

Meaning of gombeen

gombeen means: a small, mean trader; an usurer with small capital; small cubes of tobacco used as stakes in playing cards

Meaning of ket, ketts

ket, ketts means: Sweets. Any confectionary product certain to cause cancer and advanced tooth decay.. Used as "Here man, give us one of ya ketts!" Sweet (kett) as in cola cubes, midget gems, fruit pastiles etc.

Meaning of ROCKS

ROCKS means: Rocks is slang for the testicles. Rocks is American slang for money. Rocks is American slang for ice cubes.

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Meaning of TEAR−UP

TEAR−UP means: Tear−up is slang for a spell of wild destructive behaviour. Tear−up is Jazz slang for an unrestrained, rousing performance.

Meaning of knock for six

knock for six means: Vrb phrs. To deal a severe blow, to vanquish, to affect someone severely. Cf. 'hit for six'. {Informal}

Meaning of ?^

?^ means: Hook up?

Meaning of zonk

zonk means: To hit. He zonked me on the head with his baseball glove.

Meaning of props

props means: n. Favor or admiration credited to a person because of something done. A verbal recognition of good achievement. 

Meaning of Blood

Blood means: means freind, or homeboy. Typically men use it to refer to each other. i.e. "what's up blood?"

Meaning of Kung

Kung means: This was Huttese for "scum," i.e. "U kulle rah doe kankee kung," meaning "You are my kind of scum."

Meaning of Straight (up),

Straight (up), means: (strayt up) adv., Truthfully, absolutely.  “She straight up told me she likes that boy.”  [Etym., Hip hop]

Meaning of ajee

ajee means: awry

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