Slang definition of B−WAY

B−WAY means: B−way was th century slang for Broadway.

What is the slang definition/meaning of B−WAY?

B−WAY means: B−way was th century slang for Broadway.

Slang meaning of B−WAY

B−WAY means: B−way was th century slang for Broadway.

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Meaning of BALLSITCH

BALLSITCH means: Ballsitch is slang for a bad tempered person.


GRAVE DIGGER means: Grave digger is London Cockney rhyming slang for a playing card of the suit of spades (nigger).

Meaning of SAW GOURDS

SAW GOURDS means: Saw gourds is American slang for snore loudly.

Meaning of bro

bro means: A close male friend or relative. He's my main bro, bro.

Meaning of swayze

swayze means: adj. Slang to announce that you’re leaving, comes from the movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze.  "Hey dogg, this party’s do do, I’m Swayze."  2. high as a kite-high flying; feeling untouchable.  "Ty was so swayze last night; I told him he needs to leave that meth alone!" 

Meaning of toe-rag

toe-rag means: n scumbag. Someone worthy of contempt - scoundrel, rotter, that sort of thing. A rather antiquated word. I am reliably informed that the term derives from weaving, where “tow” refers to short bits of fibre left over after combing the longer flax (“line”). Tow can be used as-is for cleaning guns, lighting fires or strangling small children, or it can be made into “tow cloth”; cheap clothing worn by manual labourers. A “tow rag” is a piece of tow cloth which has finished its useful clothing life and is now being used to stop oil dripping out of the car or such like. I can’t help wondering whether “toe-rag” is the Victorian equivalent of “douchebag”.

Meaning of Titivate

Titivate means: To dress up.

Meaning of TIE

TIE means: to inject a drug

Meaning of jewels

jewels means: An excellent pair of shoes. She is good-looking but she doesn't have much jets.

Meaning of Chuck-line rider  –

Chuck-line rider  – means: unemployed cowboy who rode from ranch to ranch, exchanging a bit of news and gossip for a meal; grub-line rider.

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