Slang definition of INCA MESSAGE

INCA MESSAGE means: cocaine

What is the slang definition/meaning of INCA MESSAGE?

INCA MESSAGE means: cocaine

Slang meaning of INCA MESSAGE

INCA MESSAGE means: cocaine

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Meaning of inca message

inca message means: Cocaine


INCA MESSAGE means: cocaine

Meaning of flame

flame means: to attack someone by posting an abusive message in an online forum or message board


GET THE MESSAGE means: Get the message is slang for to understand fully.

Meaning of PAN PAN

PAN PAN means: An urgent message used on a radio regarding the safety of people or property. A PAN PAN message is not used when there is an immediate threat to life or property, instead the MAYDAY call is used. PAN PAN situations may develop into MAYDAY situations. As with a MAYDAY, PAN PAN messages have priority on the radio channels and should not be interrupted. In the case of a less urgent safety message, such as a hazard to navigation, the appropriate signal to use is SECURITE.

Meaning of PM

PM means: Personal Message -or- Private Message

Meaning of SNAFU

SNAFU means: Short Message Service, more commonly known as a text message or text messaging.

Meaning of DTG

DTG means: Date-Time Group. Part of the header of a message which indicates the date, time, and timezone of the message's origin.

Meaning of troll

troll means: someone who posts provocative messages on forums or message boards (n.) | to post provocative messages on forums or message boards (v.)

Meaning of MSG

MSG means: Message

Meaning of EOM

EOM means: End Of Message

Meaning of MSG

MSG means: Message

Meaning of NIM

NIM means: No Internal Message

Meaning of TXT MSG

TXT MSG means: text message

Meaning of L/M

L/M means: Left Message

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Meaning of POSER

POSER means: Poser is British slang for a show−off, a pseud.

Meaning of RATTED

RATTED means: Ratted is British slang for intoxicated, drunk.

Meaning of TOP JOLLY

TOP JOLLY means: Top jolly is British slang for the boss, the leader of a gang.

Meaning of cane

cane means: Verb. To hurt, to pain. E.g."It caned severely when I tried to walk on it, and I knew it was broken."

Meaning of Dishy

Dishy means: - If someone is a bit of a dish or a bit dishy it means they are attractive or good looking.

Meaning of NGL

NGL means: To go to someone’s home to engage in sexual activities.

Meaning of monkey

monkey means: To play carelessly. Don't monkey with the switch; you might start it up.

Meaning of obese

obese means: Excellent, outstanding. That movie is beyond phat; it is totally obese!

Meaning of baby

baby means: A sweetheart, a lover or close friend.

Meaning of zoo queen

zoo queen means: One with a sexual attraction, and need for animals. bestiality in which the person wants to have sex with an animal

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