Slang definition of ISSUES

ISSUES means: crack

What is the slang definition/meaning of ISSUES?

ISSUES means: crack

Slang meaning of ISSUES

ISSUES means: crack

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Meaning of ISSUES

ISSUES means: crack

Meaning of issues

issues means: Crack Cocaine

Meaning of it

it means: Sex appeal. That girl got a lot of issues.

Meaning of issue

issue means: Problem. That girl got a lot of issues.

Meaning of get with the programme

get with the programme means: Keep to a predetermined plan and don't raise side issues or deviate tangentially.

Meaning of FOUNTAIN

FOUNTAIN means: That part of a locomotive where steam issues from the boiler and flows into pipes for lubrication, injection, etc.

Meaning of KITE MAN

KITE MAN means: Kite man is slang for someone who issues worthless cheques.

Meaning of green ink brigade

green ink brigade means: Noun. Collective name for pedants and obsessives who feel the need to write letters of complaint, or diatribes, on issues of concern. Apparently named after the colour of the ink they use for their letters. Derog.


GREENBACK GREEN means: Greenback green is American slang for someone willing to spend money on environmental issues and environmentally sound products.

Meaning of BASIC BROWN

BASIC BROWN means: Basic brown is American political slang for a person who has little or no interest in, or commitment to, environmental issues.

Meaning of Bowen

Bowen means: A person who often stinks, possibly with hygene issues. Derived from a creature that is known to inhabit sewage and have a frightening odor because it uses its own feces to disguise itself.  "Yo son! Our room always smells like crap because we got a straight up Bowen in our class."  2. To pass out after consuming little alcohol. 

Meaning of agony aunt

agony aunt means: n advice columnist – a newspaper or magazine employee who responds publicly to readers’ impassioned pleas for help on a wide range of issues, but most commonly sex. Read by a large sector of the population, each of whom hopes to find a vicarious solution to their own dark sexual inadequacies.

Meaning of Game Master (GM) 

Game Master (GM)  means: (n.) GM's assist players with issues that arise in the game that are beyond the players control. These include things like becoming stuck in the geometry, and dealing with harassment and abuse claims against other players.

Meaning of KITE FLYER

KITE FLYER means: Kite flyer is slang for someone who issues worthless cheques.

Meaning of victimless crimes

victimless crimes means: Crimes without victims, addressing issues of abortion, drug addiction, homosexuality. [Homosexuality is a victims crime.].

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Meaning of HAND

HAND means: Hand is betting slang for odds of /.

Meaning of STUFFED

STUFFED means: Stuffed is British slang for ruined, abandoned, broken. Stuffed is British slang for sated.

Meaning of shit stirrer

shit stirrer means: Noun. An insidious gossip, a person whose malicious actions cause problems for others.

Meaning of stuffing

stuffing means: Noun. Sexual intercourse, from a male point of view. E.g."I gave her good stuffing then went back down to the party."

Meaning of AISI

AISI means: As I See It

Meaning of MFIC

MFIC means: Mother F***er In Charge

Meaning of brown nose

brown nose means: A "crawler" or sycophant. Gets the brown nose from having it stuck up another person's bum while "arse-licking"

Meaning of a G

a G means: 1. $1,000 2. a gangster

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