Slang definition of JELLY BABY

JELLY BABY means: amphetamine

What is the slang definition/meaning of JELLY BABY?

JELLY BABY means: amphetamine

Slang meaning of JELLY BABY

JELLY BABY means: amphetamine

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Meaning of jelly baby

jelly baby means: Amphetamine

Meaning of JELLY BABY

JELLY BABY means: amphetamine

Meaning of JELLY

JELLY means: Jelly is British slang for semen. Jelly is British slang for gelignite.Jelly is Black−American slang for without charge.

Meaning of Jelly Sandwich

Jelly Sandwich means: A technique where you layer jelly polish, a glitter polish and then another coat of the jelly polish on top.  (Example)

Meaning of Jelly-fish

Jelly-fish means: A small lucid jelly like sea creature. See also Blue Bottles

Meaning of POT OF JELLY

POT OF JELLY means: Pot of jelly is London Cockney rhyming slang for belly.

Meaning of JELLY

JELLY means: a young coconut, full of jelly.

Meaning of baby daddy

baby daddy means: a male, often a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Most often means the father of, or someone who provides for, a female's child. Derived from  "He is my baby's daddy. When my baby daddy get back, he'll bust you in your grill!"  Lyrical reference: JOE LYRICS - Ain't Nothin' Like Me  Your man fiance trick ya baby daddy... 

Meaning of jelly roll

jelly roll means: Men's hair style combed up and forward on both sides to a point in the middle of the forehead. Floyd looks like a jerk in that jelly roll of his.

Meaning of JELLY BOX

JELLY BOX means: Jelly box is slang for the vagina.


CUSTARD AND JELLY means: Custard and jelly is London Cockney rhyming slang for telly (television).

Meaning of wet the baby's head

wet the baby's head means: Vrb phrs. To celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink of alcohol or more usually an excuse for a drinking spree. E.g."Congratulations Bill! How about we go out tonight to wet the baby's head?"

Meaning of jelly

jelly means: n Jell-o. Gelatinous sweet desert. The Jell-o brand doesn’t exist in the U.K. British jelly is not like American “jelly” – Brits don’t distinguish between fruit preserves with or without fruit in them – they’re all “jam”.

Meaning of JELLY BEAN

JELLY BEAN means: Jelly bean is British slang for drugs.

Meaning of baby discovers

baby discovers means: Exclamation said when reacting with an expression as that of an infant. " A new baby buggy? Baby discovers!"

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Meaning of BUZZING

BUZZING means: Buzzing is British slang for high on drugs or alcohol.

Meaning of butt munch

butt munch means: Noun. A contemptible or objectionable person.

Meaning of pie hole

pie hole means: deragatory term for mouth - "shut your pie hole"

Meaning of Kooris

Kooris means: Aborigines, what Yanks calls "Injuns".

Meaning of Back

Back means: A woman's butt. "Baby got back" usually means that a woman has a shapely, round butt.

Meaning of XXX

XXX means: Kisses.

Meaning of butt cleft speedway rider

butt cleft speedway rider means: A homosexual, used in the same context as chocolate speedway.

Meaning of strip tease

strip tease means: An exhibitionist that takes off his cloths, to arouse one sexually, and then refuse gratification.

Meaning of Dough well done with cow to cover

Dough well done with cow to cover means: Buttered toast

Meaning of SUPER ACID

SUPER ACID means: ketamine

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