Slang definition of JONES

JONES means: heroin

What is the slang definition/meaning of JONES?

JONES means: heroin

Slang meaning of JONES

JONES means: heroin

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Meaning of JONES

JONES means: Jones is Black American slang for the penis. Jones is American slang for a drug habit.

Meaning of Davy Jones

Davy Jones means: (1) Nautical slang for the spirit of the sea, usually in the form of a sea devil. Davy Jones's Locker is the bottom of the sea, the final resting place of sunken ships, articles lost or thrown overboard, and of men buried at sea. (2) This expression is believed to be from the story that Davy Jones was the owner of a sixteenth-century London pub where unwary sailors were drugged and put in lockers and then awoke aboard ship to find they had been 'recruited' into the Navy.


DAVY JONES' LOCKER means: Davy Jones' locker is nautical slang for lost at sea.Davy Jones' locker is London Cockney rhyming slang for an unwanted caller (knocker).

Meaning of CASEY JONES

CASEY JONES means: Any locomotive engineer, especially a fast one. Name derived from John Luther (Casey) Jones

Meaning of JACK JONES

JACK JONES means: Jack Jones is London Cockney rhyming slang for alone.

Meaning of SCAG JONES

SCAG JONES means: Scag Jones is American slang for an addiction to heroin.

Meaning of Jones

Jones means: , (jonz) n., The craving for drugs, especially heroin.  Also used for craving for other things.  v., to crave drugs. “I’ve got a jones for chocolate tonight.”  “He’s really jonsin’”[Etym., drug subculture, 1960’s]

Meaning of Davy Jones

Davy Jones means: The "sea devil". The nickname is likely a corruption of "Devil Jones". Though, some say it is from the original term "Duffy" (ghost) of Jonah. The term was originally used in the 1700s by Daniel Defoe and Tobias Smollett.


ON ONE'S JACK JONES means: On one's Jack Jones is British slang for on one's own.

Meaning of on one's Jack

on one's Jack means: Phrs. Alone. Rhyming slang from Jack Jones. See 'Jack (Jones)'.

Meaning of english as she is spoke

english as she is spoke means: Example of the beneficial use of punctuation: Original without punctuation: "Smith where Jones had had had had had had had had had had had the examiners approval" With punctuation: Smith, where Jones had had "had", had had "had had"; "had had" had had the examiner's approval.

Meaning of He's gone to Davy Jones's locker

He's gone to Davy Jones's locker means: He is dead. (Davy Jones's locker is also the bottom of the sea)

Meaning of jones

jones means: Heroin

Meaning of JONES

JONES means: heroin

Meaning of Jack Jones

Jack Jones means: Own (Alone)

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DARLING DAUGHTER means: Darling daughter is London Cockney rhyming slang for water.

Meaning of S.T.P.

S.T.P. means: S.T.P. is slang for a particular hallucinogenic drug similar to, but more powerful than LSD.

Meaning of SAMPLE

SAMPLE means: Sample is British slang for urine.

Meaning of buzzin'

buzzin' means: Adj. Thrilled and full of energy, often as a result of partaking in illicit drugs.

Meaning of crawl

crawl means: Verb. To be obsequious. {Informal}

Meaning of beer gut

beer gut means: disproportionately large stomach on a male from drinking beer

Meaning of pleb (2)

pleb (2) means: Idiot, fool, brain dead moron. Often coined as an insult aimed at a person with negligible intelligence i.e. "Phipps failed Maths again. What a pleb!!" (ed: sent in the secondtime by a pleb who got his wires slightly crossed not realising the word was already here).

Meaning of Twig

Twig means: Observe, understand.

Meaning of Unborn

Unborn means: Naive (courtesy of Jim Hip)

Meaning of flat

flat means: To the limit. The cause of the jostling was a flat tire.

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