Slang definition of Antique Farm Equipment

Antique Farm Equipment means: Slaves being used for labor.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Antique Farm Equipment?

Antique Farm Equipment means: Slaves being used for labor.

Slang meaning of Antique Farm Equipment

Antique Farm Equipment means: Slaves being used for labor.

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Meaning of Antique Farm Equipment

Antique Farm Equipment means: Slaves being used for labor.

Meaning of ZULU

ZULU means: Emigrant family with its household goods and farm equipment traveling by rail; sometimes included even livestock crowded into the same boxcar. Zulu can mean only the car, or the car and all its contents. This ethod of travel was not uncommon in homesteading days on Western prairies. Origin of term is obscure. May have some connection with the fact that British homesteaders in Africa fled in overfilled farm wagons before Zulu marauders

Meaning of FAT FARM

FAT FARM means: Fat farm is slang for a health farm or slimming centre.

Meaning of Bought the farm

Bought the farm means:  ”I didn’t know he wanted to move to the country,” is how a British person might respond to hearing this phrase. At this point ‘bought the farm,’ is a general reference to untimely death. However, the phrase originates from WWII-era military accidents involving unreliable aircraft crashing into rural European countryside properties resulting in damages for which the U.S. government was responsible to pay, thereby, ‘buying the farm,’ so to speak.

Meaning of buy the farm

buy the farm means: To die. If you don't kick the ice cream habit you're going to buy the farm.

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BUY THE FARM means: Buy the farm is American slang for to die.

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funny farm means: Insane asylum. Mack has been acting crazy lately. Did he just get off the funny farm?

Meaning of EQUIPMENT

EQUIPMENT means: Equipment is slang for the male sex organs. Equipment is slang for a woman's breasts.


EMMERDALE FARM means: Emmerdale Farm is London Cockney rhyming slang for arm.

Meaning of FUNNY FARM

FUNNY FARM means: Funny farm is slang for mental hospital.

Meaning of GIGGLE FARM

GIGGLE FARM means: Giggle farm is slang for a mental hospital.

Meaning of CHALK FARM

CHALK FARM means: Chalk Farm is London Cockney rhyming slang for arm. Chalk Farm is London Cockney rhyming slang for harm.

Meaning of Bought the Farm

Bought the Farm means: Died. Originated from the practice of the government reimbursing farmers for crops destroyed due to aviation accidents on their fields. The farmers, knowing a good thing when they see it, would inflate the value of lost crops to the point that, in effect, the mishap pilot “bought the farm.” Student pilots regularly practice emergency landings to farmer’s fields. (This one term must have a bazillion different origins judging from the amount of “corrections” I’ve received. I still like this one ed.)

Meaning of Homogenitalism

Homogenitalism means: Antique medical terms for homosexuality.

Meaning of Homophilia

Homophilia means: Antique medical terms for homosexuality.

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Meaning of PED

PED means: Ped is American slang for a pedestrian.

Meaning of pound

pound means: to pound or to pound down refers to drinking really fast and usually refers to beer or other alchoholic beverages.

Meaning of bomb

bomb means: old battered car

Meaning of Squiffy

Squiffy means: This means you are feeling a little drunk. Some people also use it to mean that something has gone wrong.

Meaning of Over

Over means: This is when someone is completely enthralled with a person, place or thing. When the subject of admiration meets ones all ones expectations. (Sex and the boy I had it with last night was over).

Meaning of Larey

Larey means: Out of order, used when someone has committed a foux pas. "He stole my wallet, that guy is so larey", "He stole my wallet, that was not on"

Meaning of FOOTBALLS

FOOTBALLS means: amphetamine

Meaning of POD

POD means: cannabis

Meaning of BUGGY

BUGGY means: Caboose; rarely applied to other cars

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