Slang definition of Wool Head

Wool Head means: Self-explanatory.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Wool Head?

Wool Head means: Self-explanatory.

Slang meaning of Wool Head

Wool Head means: Self-explanatory.

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Meaning of Wool Head

Wool Head means: Self-explanatory.

Meaning of woolyback, wooly or wool

woolyback, wooly or wool means: Liverpudlian insult directed at anyone from 'out of town' but especially from South Lancashire or North Cheshire. It is often abbreviated simply to 'wool' or 'wooly'. The term possibly dates back to a time when the Lancashire miners wore pads of sheepskin over their shoulders to protect themselves when carrying coal. They were easily identifiable on the city streets because of the white fibres of wool still clinging to their clothing.

Meaning of gansey

gansey means: a heavy wollen knitted man’s garment with no openeing on the back or front, pulled on over the head and reaching just below the waist; a wool sweater

Meaning of COTTON WOOL

COTTON WOOL means: Cotton wool is London Cockney rhyming slang for hunting for sexual quarry (pull).

Meaning of BULLS WOOL

BULLS WOOL means: Bulls wool is Black−American slang for stolen clothes.

Meaning of Linsey Woolsey

Linsey Woolsey means: A corruption of linen and wool. Material made of linen and wool mixed, light or coarse stuff. "He gave them coats of linsey woolsey, which were good and warm for winter, and good and light for summer.

Meaning of Cotton wool bud

Cotton wool bud means: A Q-tip

Meaning of Dyed In The Wool

Dyed In The Wool means: Ingrained, thorough.

Meaning of HEAD

HEAD means: Head is slang for a drug user. Head is slang for a toilet. Head is slang for fellatio. Head is slang for cunnilingus.

Meaning of Woolsey

Woolsey means: A cheap hat, usually made of wool.

Meaning of Satinet

Satinet means: A twilled cloth made of cotton and wool.

Meaning of Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle means: To cheat or trick, to pull the wool over one's eyes.

Meaning of Honey-fuggled

Honey-fuggled means: To cheat, to pull the wool over one's eyes.

Meaning of lana

lana means: cash; dough; money. (lit.: wool; n.b.: used in Mexico)

Meaning of Box Off

Box Off means: In a square rigged ship, the act of hauling the head sheets to windward and laying the head:yards flat aback in order to bring the ships head out of the wind while tacking. This is done when helm action alone is insufficient.

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BOTTLE OF KOLA means: Bottle of kola is London Cockney rhyming slang for a bowler hat.

Meaning of GO UPSTAIRS

GO UPSTAIRS means: Go upstairs is British slang for to drink spirits in a pub.

Meaning of mate’s rates

mate’s rates means: discount given to a friend

Meaning of ACORN

ACORN means: A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty person

Meaning of LUMU

LUMU means: Love You Miss You

Meaning of Razor

Razor means: Blazer

Meaning of Cash and Carried

Cash and Carried means: Married. Poor bloke got cashed on the weekend.

Meaning of GAGGLER


Meaning of collar

collar means: place where a fishing boat is anchored for the night or “Sunday”, just a few yards from the stage

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