Slang definition of Ze Goggles

Ze Goggles means: They do nothing.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Ze Goggles?

Ze Goggles means: They do nothing.

Slang meaning of Ze Goggles

Ze Goggles means: They do nothing.

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Meaning of beer goggles

beer goggles means: The device that attaches to your face after the consumption of alcohol that turns even the most ugly girl into an absolute stunner. Normally referred to the morning after as in "Christ! Did you see that munter I pulled last night, my beer goggles must have been well and truly strapped on". Can be modified by referring to the degree of tightness with which the beer goggles are strapped to the face as in 'My beer goggles were on so tight they were cutting into my face!"

Meaning of GOGGLES

GOGGLES means: Goggles is slang for spectacles.

Meaning of beer goggles

beer goggles means: Noun. The impaired judgement from the excessive consumption of alcohol (beer) that makes an otherwise unappealing person or thing seem attractive. E.g."I was obviously wearing beer goggles last night; when I awoke and saw who I'd brought home the previous night I nearly threw up, she had 3 eyes, a green beard and tentacles coming out of the top of her head." [1990s]

Meaning of Ze Goggles

Ze Goggles means: They do nothing.

Meaning of Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles means: Imaginary spectacles induced by drinking

Meaning of Vodka vision

Vodka vision means: A liquor specific brand of beer goggles.

Meaning of Goggles

Goggles means: Religious (especially evangelically religious) person

Meaning of ginger

ginger means: Noun. 1. Homosexual. Rhyming slang, from Ginger beer - 'queer'. 2. A ginger or red haired person. Pronounced with hard g's as in goggles. 3. Carbonated drink, such as cola. [Scottish use]

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Meaning of BOOTED

BOOTED means: Booted is American slang for expelled.

Meaning of CANCER BED

CANCER BED means: Cancer bed is British slang for a sun bed.

Meaning of JUDGE DREAD

JUDGE DREAD means: Judge Dread is London Cockney rhyming slang for head.

Meaning of Mars bar

Mars bar means: Noun. A scar. Rhyming slang. E.g."He was a really sensitive lad, despite that Mars bar making him look mean."

Meaning of Skater Hater

Skater Hater means: Confused

Meaning of tailgator

tailgator means: Homosexual who cruise's the beach in the summer months; a gay guy who frequents beaches and resort for sexual encounter.

Meaning of STINK WEED

STINK WEED means: cannabis

Meaning of Dude –

Dude – means: man from the city, inexperienced rider or wealthy Easterner who goes to a ranch to experience the cowboy life; also a mail-order cowboy.

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