Slang definition of chick

chick means: girl, woman (could be considered rude)

What is the slang definition/meaning of chick?

chick means: girl, woman (could be considered rude)

Slang meaning of chick

chick means: girl, woman (could be considered rude)

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Meaning of CHICK

CHICK means: Chick is slang for a girl or young woman, especially an attractive one. Chick is American slang for a passive homosexual partner.

Meaning of Chick

Chick means: A young and pretty girl.Hey, Buster, leave it alone. That "chick" is outta your league.

Meaning of chick flick

chick flick means: Noun. A film (flick), often romantic and with a happy ending, and typically enjoyed by females (chick).

Meaning of BAC

BAC means: Bad Ass Chick

Meaning of Chick

Chick means: girl

Meaning of Chick

Chick means: Woman

Meaning of t-vo

t-vo means: Meaning some chick got pregnant. (ed: ???)

Meaning of mob

mob means: To beat somebody up. That chick stole my guy; I'm going to go mob her!

Meaning of minnow

minnow means: surfer chick

Meaning of pollita

pollita means: chick; girl

Meaning of minnow

minnow means: surfer chick

Meaning of Check out chick

Check out chick means: A cashier

Meaning of chick

chick means: n A girl or young woman.

Meaning of chariot

chariot means: Car. Who was that chanky chick I saw you with last night?

Meaning of Chick in skins

Chick in skins means: Woman in a fur coat

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Meaning of HARBOUR

HARBOUR means: Harbour is British slang for the vagina.


INSTANT KARMA means: Instant karma is slang for a hallucinogenic drug.

Meaning of SORTED

SORTED means: Sorted is slang for an expression of excellence such as brilliant.

Meaning of cost a bomb

cost a bomb means: Verb phrs. To be very expensive.

Meaning of summat

summat means: Pron. Something. E.g."There's summat up with the engine. Everytime we accelerate the exhaust blows smoke." [Northern use/dialect]

Meaning of brass

brass means: Impudence, gall, effrontery. He had the brass to tell the teacher off.

Meaning of C

C means: cocaine

Meaning of Yoot

Yoot means: A young sibling [older then a ankle biter] (courtesy of Jim Hip)

Meaning of real

real means: complete, utter; very, extremely

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