Slang definition of BACK DOOR

BACK DOOR means: Back door is slang for the anus.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BACK DOOR?

BACK DOOR means: Back door is slang for the anus.

Slang meaning of BACK DOOR

BACK DOOR means: Back door is slang for the anus.

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Meaning of BACK DOOR MAN

BACK DOOR MAN means: Back door man is slang for a woman's secret lover, an adulterer.

Meaning of back door

back door means: The rectal opening; anus. ["The boy keeps trying to get into my back door."].

Meaning of BACK DOOR

BACK DOOR means: Back door is slang for the anus.


BACK DOOR TROTS means: Back door trots is slang for diarrhoea.

Meaning of mother-in-law door

mother-in-law door means: front door on a Newfoundlander’s house (way back front doors were almost never used)

Meaning of DOOR TO DOOR

DOOR TO DOOR means: Door to door is bingo rhyming slang for four.

Meaning of back door

back door means: Residue left in a pipe

Meaning of back door

back door means: a term meaning anal sex. 

Meaning of gentleman of the back door

gentleman of the back door means: Male homosexual.

Meaning of backdoor

backdoor means: The rectal opening; the anus. ["Did you see the back door on the boy?"]

Meaning of Out The Door

Out The Door means: A suffix used at the end of a phrase. "Gag me out the door." Meaning, something gagged them so much they had to leave the room.

Meaning of solicitor

solicitor means: n lawyer. In the U.K. it has nothing (well, on one level at least) to do with prostitutes or door-to-door salesmen.

Meaning of condamner une porte

condamner une porte means: closee off a door (lit.: condemn a door)

Meaning of EARLY DOOR

EARLY DOOR means: Early door is London Cockney rhyming slang for whore.

Meaning of BOLT THE DOOR

BOLT THE DOOR means: Bolt the door is London Cockney rhyming slang for a whore.

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Meaning of omnibus

omnibus means: n 1 old-fashioned bus. This is a quaint word, dating back to the times when buses were open at the rear and had a conductor ready to meet you. An omnibus is essentially one step technologically forward of a tram. 2 concatenated episodes of a week’s worth of television or radio series (typically soap operas) often screened at the weekends (also called “omnibus edition”). The Latin word “omnibus” means simply “for all,” which could explain both of these etymologies. I’m just saying that because I can’t be bothered checking either of them. I can’t even be bothered checking the Latin - someone just told me it. For all I know it’s Latin for pig-fucker.

Meaning of cack-handed

cack-handed means: (1) unco-ordinated and clumsy (2) left-handed.

Meaning of Six Pounders

Six Pounders means: Cannons.

Meaning of Baluba

Baluba means: Name belonging to a tribe that killed Irish soldiers in Africa.

Meaning of selfie

selfie means: a picture taken by oneself, of oneself

Meaning of jag

jag means: a backolad of hay; a load of liquor

Meaning of downsize

downsize means: To fire people. Flunking my home ec test is such a downer!

Meaning of rock out

rock out means: To be excellent, outstanding. Man, I really dig this music; let's rock!

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