Slang definition of BACK DOUBLE

BACK DOUBLE means: Back double is slang for a back street.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BACK DOUBLE?

BACK DOUBLE means: Back double is slang for a back street.

Slang meaning of BACK DOUBLE

BACK DOUBLE means: Back double is slang for a back street.

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Meaning of BACK DOUBLE

BACK DOUBLE means: Back double is slang for a back street.

Meaning of Double

Double means: Australians almost always use the word "double" in reply to a question, as regards to dual numbers or letters. For example, when you ask for their phone number (e.g. 213-8800) they will say, Two, one, three double eight double "O"

Meaning of double feature

double feature means: Back to back sex with different partners.

Meaning of double header

double header means: Back to back sex with same partner.


DOUBLE EVENT means: Double event is slang for having both syphilis and gonorrhoea.Double event is slang for an act of sex with a virgin that leaves her pregnant. Double event is Scottishslang for an order of a glass of whisky alongside a pint of beer.

Meaning of Double-cross

Double-cross means: to cheat, stab in the back.

Meaning of double

double means: Measure of distance. "I did a double bottle (or) double bonk."

Meaning of Double-double

Double-double means: Said when ordering a coffee; indicating two creams and two sugars... Most likely heard at a Timmie's.

Meaning of double-cross

double-cross means: To betray. He promised to pay me for painting his room but double-crossed me and didn't.

Meaning of double fisting

double fisting means: v holding two drinks at once. The double-entendre is not entirely lost on the Brits and so it’s best not used in overly polite company.

Meaning of Double In (DI)

Double In (DI) means: Hitting the double area of a number to start a game of '01


NAP AND DOUBLE means: Nap and double is London Cockney rhyming slang for trouble.

Meaning of DOUBLE TOP

DOUBLE TOP means: Double top is British slang for fourty pounds sterling.


DO THE DOUBLE ACT means: Do the double act was early th century slang for to get married.

Meaning of DOUBLE FIN

DOUBLE FIN means: Double fin is British slang for a ten pound note. Double fin is British slang for two five pound notes. Double fin is American slang for a ten dollar note.

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Meaning of PERICA

PERICA means: Perica is slang for heroin.


SPUNK STAINED means: Spunk stained is British slang for an adulterous woman who has been discovered.

Meaning of battered

battered means: Adj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs.

Meaning of blow job

blow job means: Noun. Fellatio or cunnilingus. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of fruitcake

fruitcake means: Noun. A crazy or eccentric person. Derog.

Meaning of FMLTWIA

FMLTWIA means: F*** Me Like The Whore I Am

Meaning of LBS

LBS means: Laughing But Serious

Meaning of SOBT

SOBT means: Stressed Out Big Time

Meaning of hoopty

hoopty means: (1) car - "that's a nice hoopty you're driving!". (2) broken down and not working well "Man this car is hoopty!", "She sure is hoopty" (ed: is it me or does this bear a suspicious resemblance to the word "hoopy" used by Ford Prefect in the four part trilogy "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... i.e. "He's a hoopy frood, he sure knows where his towel is!!")

Meaning of YTB

YTB means: You're the best

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