Slang definition of jawed

jawed means: to be scold or a good talking to

What is the slang definition/meaning of jawed?

jawed means: to be scold or a good talking to

Slang meaning of jawed

jawed means: to be scold or a good talking to

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Meaning of Whomper-jawed

Whomper-jawed means: Uneven.

Meaning of jawed

jawed means: to be scold or a good talking to

Meaning of Jaw

Jaw means: The distance between a rope's adjacent strands, giving a measure of the tightness of the lay. The shorter the distance, the harder the lay. When a line has been overused and the lay has become slack, it is said to be slack:jawed.

Meaning of gork

gork means: Person of diminished or unresponsive mental state. Originally medical slang for someone in a coma or persistent vegetative state, it's spread into the wider community to refer to people like 'Cletus the slack jawed yokel' found in The Simpson's.

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Meaning of SLUG−FEST

SLUG−FEST means: Slug−fest is American slang for a hard hitting boxing match or baseball game.

Meaning of cheeky-sweat

cheeky-sweat means: A reprimand, e.g. if someone grabbed half the bag of crisps when offered one, you would shout "get off, yer cheeky sweat!!!". Came into popular use around 80/81 when contributor was in second year juniors. It lasted the test of time as well, seeing as it was used well into high school and compared favorably with the words and phrases learnt later on.

Meaning of FT's

FT's means: Acronym for "Fucking Tourist": Usually used to describe the person driving very slowly in front of you "I'm late dammit, I wish this FT would get moving". Contributor lived right next to the Mississippi River and was overrun each summer with tourists. You can always see them driving 20 mph under the speed limit gawking at everything and generally being a pain in the ass to the locals. (ed: I lived 10 years in London. I know what he means!)

Meaning of root chase

root chase means: (ed: def. entered as submitted) Have to chase the boy and if I caught them I had to suck their roots for rest of break and give them my dinner money. But if the dinner ladies saw me I used to get told off. I love men me. (ed: yeeess... give us a call when you have less time... ok??)

Meaning of Garden Gate

Garden Gate means: Mate (Friend)

Meaning of Classy chassis

Classy chassis means: Great body

Meaning of HEELED

HEELED means: having plenty of money

Meaning of Shady

Shady means: , (SHAY-dee)  adj.,  Mean, unfair, untrustworthy, dishonest.  “These small town police are shady.”  [Etym., African American]  See:  shisty.

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