Slang definition of missus

missus means: usually referred to the wife or girlfriend

What is the slang definition/meaning of missus?

missus means: usually referred to the wife or girlfriend

Slang meaning of missus

missus means: usually referred to the wife or girlfriend

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Meaning of Missus

Missus means: wife ‘My missus won’t have a bar of it.’ ¬

Meaning of Cheese And Kisses

Cheese And Kisses means: Missus

Meaning of Love And Kisses

Love And Kisses means: Missus

Meaning of Plates And Dishes

Plates And Dishes means: Missus

Meaning of (the) missus

(the) missus means: Noun. The wife or girlfriend.

Meaning of cheese & kisses

cheese & kisses means: (the missus) wife

Meaning of Missus

Missus means: Wife, spouse, partner

Meaning of missus

missus means: usually referred to the wife or girlfriend

Meaning of German Bands

German Bands means: Hands. Get your germans off my missus.

Meaning of Missus

Missus means: female partner/ wife /girlfriend.

Meaning of Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook means: Cook. My missus couldn't babble to save her life. See also Crook.

Meaning of up on blocks

up on blocks means: Menstruating i.e. out of action, a bit like a car in a garage. e.g. "I don't think I'll be in luck tonight lads, the missus is up on blocks".

Meaning of how's yer father

how's yer father means: Sexual contact, probably involving intercourse. Used as "I'm off. The missus has promised me a bit of how's yer father tonight!!".

Meaning of Chinwag

Chinwag means: Discussion, chat, conversation. e.g. "Will be over, as soon as me missus comes back from having a bit of a Chinwag with her sister"

Meaning of Clucky

Clucky means: A woman's desire or expression to become pregnant. e.g. "You sure you not planning on having kids because your missus sounds clucky lately"

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Meaning of Hound

Hound means: Something that works for one person may not work for another.

Meaning of Twonk

Twonk means: A very short time

Meaning of RTBS

RTBS means: Reason To Be Single

Meaning of bing

bing means: n slag heap. The large pile of detritus created in the process of coal mining: What’s that brown mountain, dad? / It’s a bing, son, it’s not a mountain. Your granddad used to work in that coal mine before Margaret bloody Thatcher closed it down and he had to spend the rest of his life in the pub whining.

Meaning of BBOY/ BGIRL

BBOY/ BGIRL means: A name borrowed by Hip Hop DJ and leader Africa Bambatta from a tribe in Africa and used as the name of the biggest and most important Hip Hop organization in the Bronx and through out New York in promotion Hip Hop culture and Peace , Unity, Love, and having fun. Originally a Bboy crew with members like Beaver, Rob, Sundance, Pow Wow, Islam.

Meaning of FOG

FOG means: Steam


HANGING UP THE CLOCK means: Boomer term that meant hocking your railroad watch

Meaning of green

green means: Ecologically responsible. He is just a green rookie.

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