Slang definition of torment

torment means: to pester or bother someone

What is the slang definition/meaning of torment?

torment means: to pester or bother someone

Slang meaning of torment

torment means: to pester or bother someone

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Meaning of harry

harry means: to vex; to jade or torment

Meaning of torment

torment means: to pester or bother someone

Meaning of Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Itty Bitty Titty Committee means: Used to torment and harrass girls in puberty with newly developing breasts.

Meaning of rag

rag means: Verb. 1. To tease, annoy, torment. E.g."She's been ragging me about my stupid mistake all day." 2. Of vehicles or machinery, to push to the limits of use, to abuse. E.g."I got a speeding ticket yesterday when I was stopped for ragging my beaten up old Fiat at 120."Noun. A newspaper.

Meaning of SCRAG

SCRAG means: Scrag is slang for execute by hanging or strangulation. Scrag is slang for to seize someone roughly by the neck. Scrag is British slang for to torment, tease, attack.Scrag is British slang for the neck.Scrag is American slang for murder or kill.Scrag is rugby football slang for a rough tackle.

Meaning of batty fat woman shop

batty fat woman shop means: Most kids purchased their sweets from a corner shop, sweet shop, tuck shop, etc; in one school they bought from the Batty Fat Woman Shop. The shop still exists, although the proprietor is not the same Fat Woman who was undoubtably Batty. She was very, um, large, pale, unnecessarily ugly and she was constantly suspicious of everyone stealing stuff. Contributor says that when she thinks on it now, since we were school children, that was probably wise. She spoke in a very thick Yorkshire accent, which of course was subject to years of torment and mocking as us south-western school children thought every word she uttered sounded hilarious. (ed: she also sent the address but thought we ought not publish it!)

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Meaning of AWOL

AWOL means: AWOL is slang for not present when needed, inexplicably absent.


DIRTY GERTIE means: Dirty Gertie is bingo slang for the number thirty.


SLICEING ONE'S CHOPS means: Sliceing one's chops is Black−American slang for talking.

Meaning of carpet muncher(correct)

carpet muncher(correct) means: anyone who performs oral sex on a female

Meaning of greenie

greenie means: environmentalist

Meaning of mondo

mondo means: Huge, humongous. Davy gave Santa a mondo list of toys he wants for Christmas.

Meaning of chop it up

chop it up means: Have a conversation  "Aaight, get at me tomorrow and we can chop it up." 

Meaning of cocoa butter

cocoa butter means: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm.

Meaning of MANDIES

MANDIES means: mandrax (not available legally in UK)

Meaning of dredge

dredge means: to sprinkle salt on a deck load fo fresh herring, also, to rouse them

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