Slang definition of crash

crash means: Go to bed; go to sleep. That cafe has the crappiest food in town.

What is the slang definition/meaning of crash?

crash means: Go to bed; go to sleep. That cafe has the crappiest food in town.

Slang meaning of crash

crash ( v ) means: Go to bed; go to sleep. That cafe has the crappiest food in town.

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Meaning of CRASH

CRASH means: Crash is computer slang for a sudden, usually drastic failure.Crash (shortened from crash out) is slang for to spend the night at a place.

Meaning of crash

crash means: Verb. 1. To share, loan or borrow. E.g."That's the third cigarette you've crashed off me in the last hour!" 2. To temporarily stay over or sleep at a place other than at one's own usual abode. E.g."Can I crash at yours tonight? It'll cost too much for a taxi home." Noun. The situation of crashing (See 'crash' verb). E.g."Come on, get your cigarettes out, it's your crash."

Meaning of spuds

spuds means: n. "SPD" (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) clipless pedals. stack n. crash. v. crash.

Meaning of CRASH OUT

CRASH OUT means: Crash out is slang for to sleep; pass out; to spend the night at a place.

Meaning of Crash hot

Crash hot means: Terrific, marvellous, sensational. e.g. "Your idea of wagging school today and going to the beach instead, was crash hot!"

Meaning of crash

crash means: Totally collapse. I got to go crash; I'm so tired from partying all night.

Meaning of CRASH PAD

CRASH PAD means: Crash pad is slang for a place to sleep or live temporarily.

Meaning of crash

crash means: Go to bed; go to sleep. I got to go crash; I'm so tired from partying all night.

Meaning of wipeout

wipeout means: n. a crash. v. ("wipe out") to crash. WOMBATS n. "WOmen's Mountain Biking And Tea Society", a Marinbased organization founded by writer and former MTB racer Jacquie Phelan.

Meaning of crash

crash means: To fall into bed or to become relaxed e.g. "I'm going to crash when I get home.".

Meaning of crash | crash out

crash | crash out means: to fall asleep

Meaning of CRASH CART

CRASH CART means: Crash cart is nursing slang for a wheeled unit with a defibrillator for cardiac arrest, medications, and other life−sustaining items for use in emergency resuscitation.

Meaning of prang

prang means: Noun. A crash or accident, usually involving a vehicle of some kind. E.g."I had a prang last week so my car's at the garage." Verb. To knock or damage, usually with reference to having crashed a vehicle. Originally an RAF term for a crash landing. E.g."My dad will kill me, I've just pranged his car on a lampost." Adj. Paranoid. E.g."I dont know why she has pink hair, 'cos she gets so prang that people are staring at her." [London use]

Meaning of Pranny

Pranny means: To crash a car

Meaning of chunder

chunder means: v. to crash.

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Meaning of GYM CANDY

GYM CANDY means: Gym Candy is slang for any anabolic steroid.

Meaning of WHACK

WHACK means: Whack is slang for phencyclidine. Whack is slang for heroin.Whack is British slang for a portion, share or allowance. Whack is American slang for a contract killing.Whack is American slang for to kill.Whack is American slang for an eccentric person.

Meaning of swotty

swotty means: Adj. Studious. {Informal}

Meaning of two fingers

two fingers means: Noun. The insulting gesture of the V-sign using two fingers. Cf. 'finger' (noun 2).

Meaning of WTFDYJS

WTFDYJS means: What The F*** Did You Just Say?

Meaning of give me five

give me five means: Shake hands. You passed the test? Give me five!

Meaning of Cram

Cram means: Before a big exam you would be expected to cram. This simply means to study hard in the period running up to the exam.

Meaning of stog, stogie

stog, stogie means: A lit or half-finished cigarette, also a cigarette butt, pronounced "stoog"; "Let's go smoke a stog." Lucy writes to tell us that "Stogie is more in reference to marijuana than it is to tobacco cigarettes.". Someone saying "Let's go smoke a stogie" means that the speaker wants to go get high.

Meaning of cruise

cruise means: To drive around aimlessly and flirt. Helen Highwater crowned her old man on the head with a frying pan.

Meaning of hop up

hop up means: Increase the power and speed of a car. I have hooyah power!

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