Slang definition of joint

joint means: Jail or prison. Where is the closest joint to here.

What is the slang definition/meaning of joint?

joint means: Jail or prison. Where is the closest joint to here.

Slang meaning of joint

joint ( n ) means: Jail or prison. Where is the closest joint to here.

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Meaning of joint

joint means: Old term for a marijuana cigarette; to smoke a joint.  "He smokin a joint, lemme hit dat!" 

Meaning of LACE JOINT

LACE JOINT means: Lace Joint is slang for a marijuana cigarette laced with crack; also called Geek or Gig Joint.

Meaning of roach

roach means: Noun. The filter of a cannabis/marijuana cigarette (a 'joint') made from waste cardboard; as opposed to in the U.S. where it refers plainly to a butt of a 'joint'.Verb. To make a 'joint' filter. E.g."Own up, who's roached the cover of my new Iain Banks novel."

Meaning of JOINT

JOINT means: Joint is slang for a disreputable establishment, such as a bar or nightclub. Joint is slang for a cannabis cigarette.

Meaning of CLIP JOINT

CLIP JOINT means: Clip joint is slang for a club or bar which employs hostesses who encourage clients to buy them hugely over priced drinks.Clip joint is slang for a business where customers are regularly overcharged or cheated.

Meaning of That's The Joint

That's The Joint means: My mother was a disco diva in the 70's. She won many hustle contests, trophies and all. Anyway, she said this thing so much when I was growing up I thought I would puke if I heard it one more time. Anyway, 20 some odd years later I can't forget the dame thing. Definition: Well your guess is as good as mine, but when she used it it was more of an accordance with someone that something was cool, the joint, hence; That's the Joint. She said other things too. I will write it when I remember. Would ask her but she doesn't remember anything past '85, too much 70's weed.

Meaning of Joint

Joint means: , (joynt) n., A marijuana cigarette.  “He rolled a joint.”   [Etym., 30’s drug sub-culture]

Meaning of The Joint

The Joint means: Something that is way cool or outta sight: Billy Rays new Corvette is the Joint!

Meaning of Clip joint

Clip joint means: Night club or gambling joint where patrons get flimflammed

Meaning of AMP JOINT

AMP JOINT means: Amp Joint is slang for a marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic.

Meaning of JOINT

JOINT means: A length of rail, generally 33 or 39 feet. Riding to a joint is bringing cars together so that they couple

Meaning of joint

joint means: [from joint as part of paraphernalia for injecting narcotics—particularly the needle; since the 1920s] a marijuana cigarette

Meaning of TOP JOINT

TOP JOINT means: Top joint is London Cockney rhyming slang for a pint.

Meaning of joint

joint means: Jail or prison. He claims that he did time in the joint.

Meaning of joint

joint means: A prison, jail. He claims that he did time in the joint.

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Meaning of TUDE

TUDE means: Tude is American slang for having a surly, defiant, negative disposition.

Meaning of bat for both sides

bat for both sides means: Vrb phrs. To be bisexual.

Meaning of Gaychester

Gaychester means: Noun. Nickname for Manchester with its ever-growing and popular gay scene. Along with 'Gunchester' and 'Madchester', these puns tend to be journalistic pseudonyms.

Meaning of Ebonic Plague

Ebonic Plague means: Mass infection of stupidity originating in a cerebration of ignorance in schools. Lack of grammatical skills from poor education and rap star role models.

Meaning of NRN

NRN means: No Reply Necessary

Meaning of Twee

Twee means: Twee is a word you would generally hear older people say. It means dainty or quaint. A bit like the way you chaps think of England I suppose.

Meaning of NAMES Project

NAMES Project means: San Francisco began commemorating the people who have died of AIDS with the NAMES Project. People made quilt panels, three feet by six feet, for departed loved ones, sewn by surviving friends nand relatives.


STRAWBERRY PATCH means: Rear end of caboose by night; also railroad yard studded with red lights

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