Slang definition of lingo

lingo means: Speech, language dialect. He fed me this line about how many banks he owned which didn't work when I saw the jalopy he was driving.

What is the slang definition/meaning of lingo?

lingo means: Speech, language dialect. He fed me this line about how many banks he owned which didn't work when I saw the jalopy he was driving.

Slang meaning of lingo

lingo ( n ) means: Speech, language dialect. He fed me this line about how many banks he owned which didn't work when I saw the jalopy he was driving.

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Meaning of lingo

lingo means: Speech, language dialect. Cherokee sure is a strange lingo.

Meaning of LINGO

LINGO means: Lingo is slang for language; speech; dialect.

Meaning of like buggery

like buggery means: no way, no ‘Like buggery I will do that.’ lingo: language ‘Watch your lingo, mate.’

Meaning of lingo

lingo means: language, dialect

Meaning of link card

link card means: Food stamps. Cherokee sure is a strange lingo.

Meaning of Mate

Mate means: Friend, pal, acquaintance. Probably, the most widely used word in the Australian lingo. See also Cobber

Meaning of lingo

lingo means: Speech, language dialect. He fed me this line about how many banks he owned which didn't work when I saw the jalopy he was driving.

Meaning of Sourdough

Sourdough means: In cowboy lingo -- a cook or a bachelor. In mining and Old West slang, a sourdough was an experienced prospector, or a veteran in his field..

Meaning of Arr!( Arrrh!, Arrgh!)

Arr!( Arrrh!, Arrgh!) means: Aye or yes. A word made famous by Robert Newton in the 1950 production of Treasure Island. The word can be used as a verbal pause or to show excitement. (Think of it as universal "you know" or "alright!" in pirate lingo). This one is pure Hollywood.

Meaning of smurf code

smurf code means: This is a code similar to the Bear Code a way of identifying people (c) Copyright 1990, by The SmurfGANG, Inc. A word about the code: The smurfcode was developed painstakingly by *very*small*, *blue*, *cute*little*creatures* called Smurfs, organized into a maternal botherhood called the Smurf Gang. Smurfs are *loveable*, *cuddly* beings who *love* to be *squeezed* ever-so-gently. They especially like *blueberry*ice*cream*. They occasionally ring *cute*little*bells*. And they just want to be *your*friends*. Certain smurfs are particularly good at defending Canada against invaders, marketing Smurf products, presiding over vice, acting very innocent or pompous, describing the historical value of Smurfs, howling at the moon, speaking in Smurf Lingo (Smurf's up!), etc. Since Smurfs and their *friends* have so many varied qualities, we have devised a *really*neat* method for uniquely identifying them. Furthermore, since Smurfs and Bears now intermingle frequently, the Smurfcode is deliberately orthogonal to Bearcode version 1.7. Characteristic letters from both systems may be intermingled to form a Smurfurr code or a Bluebear code. The most obvious characteristic of a Smurf is its giggle, so we logically begin there. Using a capital "S" to denote "SMURF", we have added a sub-class characterizing silliness, which combines a smurf's tee-hee, chortle, guffaw, and overall humor qualities, unambiguously numbered 0 to 9 as follows: 0 - (Little/no humor, or incredibly sparse) We're talking Mona Lisa here. One would never mistake such a meager smile for a smirk. Postings from these Smurfs are invariably serious, though they take undisplayed joy in humorous postings by others. 1 - (VERY slight smirk) This is the kind of smirk people display when they want to signal to other Smurf's that they MIGHT be a Smurf. No raised eyebrows appear. No erect tongue-in-cheek. Usage indicates probable closet smurf. 2 - (Smirk) This unmistakable characteristic indicates an unabashed delight in the silliness of others, but may indicate non-participation. These Smurfs never post original, humorous articles on their own, but they may, rarely, followup with a smart-remark. 3 - (Tee-hee) A giggle in all respects, but very quiet. 4 - (Laugh) Occasionally makes light fun of self or others, particularly friendly others. Enjoys a good joke. 5 - (Chortle) Makes light fun of self or others. 6 - (Chortle Plus) Makes light fun of self, world, or others. Has been known to laugh at PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT test or final exam questions, during the examination period. 7 - (Guffaw or Meep) Can make fun of most things, including obnoxious people or situations. 8 - (Snort) Loves to make fun of anything. This can border on bad-taste, but appreciators abound. 9 - (Snort with Acrobatics) Intrusively humorous in finding fun. Wildly ridiculous, often ignored or disliked. Zany. Wacky. Using this scheme, one can narrow a creature down to a subclass, though occasional intractables fall between two classes. The end result is left to the creature classifying. One may use a hybrid designation for those who vary across time (example: S0/9). The number closest to "S" indicates the most probable state. Negative numbers indicate complainers, largely negative numbers designate frequent whiners or complainers. Combinations of negative and positive numbers can appear. For specific examples please visit:

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Meaning of RENTS

RENTS means: Rents is American slang for parents.

Meaning of WOTSIT

WOTSIT means: Wotsit is slang for an unnamed thing.

Meaning of knock back

knock back means: refusal ‘l got knock backs all day.’

Meaning of Droog

Droog means: Some unspecified time in the future

Meaning of Jump

Jump means: To swing.Let's check out that bar over there. It sounds like the joint is "jumpin'."

Meaning of STFU

STFU means: Sucks To Be You.

Meaning of hang it on

hang it on means: Say, tell. I didn't hear you. Hang it on me again.

Meaning of knock up

knock up means: v bang upon someone’s door, generally to get them out of bed: OK, g’night - can you knock me up in the morning? In U.S. English, “knocking someone up” means getting them pregnant. Although most Brits will feign innocence, they do know the U.S. connotations of the phrase and it adds greatly to the enjoyment of using it. Both Brits and Americans share the term “knocking off,” to mean various other things.

Meaning of ROID RAGE

ROID RAGE means: aggressive behaviour caused by excessive steroid use

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