Slang definition of HAND SHANDY

HAND SHANDY means: Hand shandy is British slang for masturbation.

What is the slang definition/meaning of HAND SHANDY?

HAND SHANDY means: Hand shandy is British slang for masturbation.

Slang meaning of HAND SHANDY

HAND SHANDY means: Hand shandy is British slang for masturbation.

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Meaning of HAND SHANDY

HAND SHANDY means: Hand shandy is British slang for masturbation.

Meaning of hand shandy, handy shandy

hand shandy, handy shandy means: Masturbation.

Meaning of Hand Shandy

Hand Shandy means: Very drunk

Meaning of hand-shandy

hand-shandy means: Noun. An act of masturbation.

Meaning of shandy

shandy means: n an alcoholic mix of lager and (British) lemonade. Usually 90% lager and 10% lemonade, and generally drunk by people convinced that they can get as drunk as a skunk on shandy and still be fine to drive the car. Shandy has also given us such retail gems as Top Deck, a canned drink which contains not only the cheapest lemonade money can buy, but rounds it off nicely with a dash of the grottiest beer available west of the Himalaya.

Meaning of Hand over fist

Hand over fist means: The expression "hand over fist" means to go forth rapidly in some endeavor, such as, making money hand over fist. Originally the expression came from the act of quickly climbing the rigging of the old sailing ships " hand over hand" or "hand over fist".


HAND BOMBER or HAND GRENADE means: Engine without automatic stoker, which is hand-fired

Meaning of Liar's Dice

Liar's Dice means: A type of dice game using five dice, either regular dice or special dice that show the faces of a deck of cards. The player shakes the dice privately in a box, and attempts to form a poker hand. The player then either admits truthfully, or bluffs (lies), the value of the hand to the next player. The next player either accepts the hand or calls the bluff, knowing that they have the task of rolling a higher value hand for the next player. Whoever is caught in a bluff loses the hand.

Meaning of Dead Man's Hand -

Dead Man's Hand - means: A poker hand consisting of a pair of aces and a pair of eights. Traditionally, Wild Bill Hickok was holding this hand when he was shot dead by Jack McCall. Some sources dispute the hand, saying that it really contained two jacks, not aces and two eights.

Meaning of HAND JOB

HAND JOB means: Hand job is British slang for masturbation.Hand job is American slang for insincere flattery.Hand job is American slang for an unpleasant person.

Meaning of Hand me that skin (later modified to Hand me some skin)

Hand me that skin (later modified to Hand me some skin) means: A big expression for "shake, pal."Hey, whaddya say Rufus, "hand me some skin."

Meaning of dab hand

dab hand means: Noun. A person highly skilled at a given task. E.g."He's a dab hand at programming and web design."

Meaning of hand-job

hand-job means: To masturbate a male manually. Stimulate the penis by rubbing with the hand - usually to ejaculation.

Meaning of hand-to-hand man

hand-to-hand man means: Transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack


HAND-TO-HAND MAN means: transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack

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AMATEUR NIGHT means: Amateur night is American slang for a special occasion celebrated traditionally by drinking liquor. Amateur night is American slang for an exhibition of more than usual ineptitude.


FROM TRAP TO LINE means: From trap to line is British dog racing slang for from beginning to end.

Meaning of bunny boiler

bunny boiler means: Noun. An obsessive and psychotic woman. Taken from a scene in the film Fatal Attraction. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of mortalled

mortalled means: Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. [Scottish/Northern use?]

Meaning of shit ticket

shit ticket means: Noun. Toilet paper.

Meaning of Pass

Pass means: This means I don't know and comes from the old TV show, Mastermind, where contestants were made to say "pass" if they did not know the answer to the question.

Meaning of WRAP

WRAP means: street quantity of amphetamine sold in small folded paper bag or foil packets

Meaning of raft

raft means: a pile of timber; logs or boards tied together to float passengers on a river or the ocean

Meaning of floozy

floozy means: A woman of loose morals Juan Carlos came to the party with some floozie he picked up at a bar.

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