Slang definition of HOT SHIT

HOT SHIT means: Hot shit is slang for something impressive, exciting, superlative.

What is the slang definition/meaning of HOT SHIT?

HOT SHIT means: Hot shit is slang for something impressive, exciting, superlative.

Slang meaning of HOT SHIT

HOT SHIT means: Hot shit is slang for something impressive, exciting, superlative.

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Meaning of SHIT

SHIT means: a catchall multipurpose term, ie, a firefight was 'in the shit', a bad situation was 'deep shit', to be well prepared and alert was to have your 'shit wired tight.'

Meaning of SHIT

SHIT means: Shit is slang for faeces. Shit is slang for nonsense.Shit is slang for a contemptible, obnoxious or worthless person. Shit is slang for defacation.Shit is slang for awful, inferior, worthless.

Meaning of shit hits the fan

shit hits the fan means: Phrs. As 'when the shit hits the fan', it warns that severe consequences will be felt when the results of actions are discovered. Alternatively, in such phrases as "the shit will hit the fan when she discovers the truth". See 'when the shit hits the fan'.

Meaning of get (one's) shit together

get (one's) shit together means: Correct personality deficiency; prepare one's self ["I wish Al would get his shit together and quit letting Bill beat him up whenever he gets drunk." "The customer expects to get up at 8 am — be sure you have your shit together."].

Meaning of Shit Cunts

Shit Cunts means: The lowest of low that will take anything & everything they chose, weather its attached to another human being or not this Spineless group of Shit Cunts are usually so far beneath our feet that we cant see them until they want something of yours then you will see them coming but most of the year they are hibertnating in there awesome little world with there small heads up another shit cunts ass waiting there next Lowlife pathetic shit cunt move to rip off there best mate or there own Mother if they could, these scum are so low they would steal your great grand ma

Meaning of shit christ

shit christ means: Usually used in a time of disgusted disbelief, "Shit-Christ Steve, what were you thinking?" or "Shit-Christ, what am I supposed to do now?" Originally used by a legendary college football coach in Minnesota, USA, when his players would make mistakes.


SHIT DISTURBER means: Shit disturber is slang for a malicious gossip.Shit disturber is Canadian slang for a trouble maker, a kill joy.

Meaning of shit-tip

shit-tip means: Noun. A mess. E.g."Tommy, you're not going to Macdonalds until you tidy your bedroom, it's a bloody shit-tip!"


SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT means: Shit or get off the pot is slang for make a decision or take action one way or another, or else give someone else the opportunity to do so.

Meaning of shit bricks

shit bricks means: Vrb phrs. To be terrified, very scared. Cf. 'shit one's pants' and 'brick it'.

Meaning of SHIT ON

SHIT ON means: Shit on is slang for humiliate, reprimand, cheat, deceive, cause trouble for.

Meaning of jack shit

jack shit means: Zero, nothing, generally used with negative connotations, e.g. "You're a nerd. You know kack shit about street life!".

Meaning of suck shit

suck shit means: Verb. To be worthless, contemptible. E.g."How can you wear beige? It totally sucks shit." [Orig U.S.]

Meaning of take shit

take shit means: To accept insults from a person without fighting back; "Man, are you going to take shit from him like that?"

Meaning of EAT SHIT

EAT SHIT means: Eat shit is British slang for accept insult without complaining.

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Meaning of ROARER

ROARER means: Roarer is British slang for a flagrant male homosexual. Roarer is American slang for an extremely good thing.

Meaning of SCROACHY

SCROACHY means: Scroachy is British slang for mouldy, covered in fungus.

Meaning of TANKED UP

TANKED UP means: Tanked up is slang for drunk and in a state rowdiness.

Meaning of milkers

milkers means: Noun. Women's breasts.

Meaning of quack

quack means: Noun. A doctor, by extension of its older and original usage for an untrained physician.

Meaning of dert der der ders

dert der der ders means: Therse were very baggy (up to 30inch) bottomed trousers worn by Northern Soul fans.'Dert der der der' refers to the beat of the up tempo 60's soul records which were played at the Wigan casino nightclub and other similar venues.

Meaning of da bomb

da bomb means: Excellent.

Meaning of HARD CORE

HARD CORE means: 1- Real street raw. A person into street raw style Hip Hop music about street life, guns, murder, drugs. Hardcore Hip Hop, Not the party stuff. 2- when a person is into something, or an activity more than others, they are into it hardcore.

Meaning of That's a rip-off

That's a rip-off means: That is not worth the price

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