Slang definition of BALD HEAD

BALD HEAD means: Bald head is snooker slang for red.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BALD HEAD?

BALD HEAD means: Bald head is snooker slang for red.

Slang meaning of BALD HEAD

BALD HEAD means: Bald head is snooker slang for red.

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Meaning of chrome dome

chrome dome means: Noun. 1. A bald head. 2. A man with a bald head. Derog.

Meaning of BALD HEAD

BALD HEAD means: Bald head is snooker slang for red.

Meaning of skin head

skin head means: Person with a shaven head (bovver boy look) normally wearing ox blood Doc Martin boots (air wear, 18 holes) bleached jeans and Ben Sherman shirts and red braces. A taunt used towards skin heads went as follows: Hey you skin head over there Whats it like to have no hair Is it hot or is it cold Whats it like to be bald.

Meaning of Bald as a Bandicoot

Bald as a Bandicoot means: Unquestionably Bald. A term derived from the Aussie Marsupial. e.g. "the poor old bastard he is almost bald as a bandicoot"

Meaning of slap head, slaphead

slap head, slaphead means: A bald guy or person with remarkably high forhead. Also used to take the piss out of girls if they wore their hair up too tight with no fringe. This could be added to by phyically slapping your head with the palm of your hand while chanting "SLAPHEAD! SLAPHEAD!".

Meaning of PEEL-HEAD

PEEL-HEAD means: bald-headed, usually certain chickens or vultures.

Meaning of BALD-HEAD

BALD-HEAD means: a straight person; one without dreadlocks; one who works for babylon

Meaning of BALD

BALD means: Bald is American slang for terrible.

Meaning of bawheid

bawheid means: Noun. 1. A bald head. [Scottish uses] 2. An idiot, buffoon. [Scottish uses]

Meaning of dome

dome means: The head or skull. Look at old chrome dome (bald guy) over there.


SOLAR SEX PANEL means: Solar sex panel is British slang for a man's bald head.


BALD TYRE BANDIT means: Bald tyre bandit is slang for a traffic policeman.

Meaning of comb-over

comb-over means: Style of haircut, which looks almost like a quasi-shreddie. Is used to describe both the style and the person employing it. The gentleman, who is almost bald, insists on growing the remaining hairs at the side of his head long enough to comb them over the rest of the scalp. This, they misguidedly believe, gives the illusion of having hair whereas, in fact, it makes them look like a pathetic twodge that everyone laughs at behind their backs, and occasionally to their faces.

Meaning of HEAD

HEAD means: Head is slang for a drug user. Head is slang for a toilet. Head is slang for fellatio. Head is slang for cunnilingus.

Meaning of Box Off

Box Off means: In a square rigged ship, the act of hauling the head sheets to windward and laying the head:yards flat aback in order to bring the ships head out of the wind while tacking. This is done when helm action alone is insufficient.

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Meaning of DERO

DERO means: Dero is Australian slang for a tramp or derelict.

Meaning of SNOB

SNOB means: Snob was Cambridge University slang for someone not a member of the university.

Meaning of RRQ

RRQ means: Return Receipt reQuested

Meaning of Tickety-boo

Tickety-boo means: If something is going well with no problems we would say it is tickety-boo.

Meaning of Making Meat

Making Meat means: On the Western prairies, cutting into thin slices the boneless parts of the buffalo, or other meat, and drying them in the wind or sun. Meat thus prepared may be preserved for years without salt.

Meaning of DUSTING

DUSTING means: adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana


BUCKLE THE RUBBERS means: Connect air, steam, or signal hose

Meaning of FIELD

FIELD means: Classification yard

Meaning of fish halfpenny

fish halfpenny means: a coin current in the 1860s with the figure of a split codfish on one side

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