Slang definition of JEWISH PIANO

JEWISH PIANO means: Jewish Piano is slang for a cash register.

What is the slang definition/meaning of JEWISH PIANO?

JEWISH PIANO means: Jewish Piano is slang for a cash register.

Slang meaning of JEWISH PIANO

JEWISH PIANO means: Jewish Piano is slang for a cash register.

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JEWISH PIANO means: Jewish Piano is slang for a cash register.

Meaning of Jewish piano

Jewish piano means: Noun. A cash register. Can be offensive due to racial stereotyping.

Meaning of PIANO

PIANO means: Piano is British slang for faint, delicate, indisposed, not feeling well.

Meaning of piano

piano means: Going very slowly in a road race. "They rode the first 20 miles piano."

Meaning of Joanna

Joanna means: Piano. He sparkles on the joanna. Just to confuse you, they mispronounce the word you're trying say, so instead of 'piano' they call it a 'piana'

Meaning of DESK PIANO

DESK PIANO means: Desk piano is Black−American slang for typewriter

Meaning of JEWISH

JEWISH means: Jewish is British slang for mean, avaricious.

Meaning of GOY

GOY means: Goy is Jewish slang for a non−Jewish person.

Meaning of JEWISH TANK

JEWISH TANK means: Jewish tank is British slang for a London taxi.


JEWISH PENICILLIN means: Jewish penicillin is British slang for chicken soup.

Meaning of SHIKSE

SHIKSE means: Shikse is American Jewish slang for a non−jewish female.


JEWISH LIGHTNING means: Jewish lightning is American slang for arson.


JEWISH TYPEWRITER means: Jewish Typewriter is slang for a cash register.

Meaning of anal intercourse

anal intercourse means: To have sex by inserting the penis or some other object in the anus of one's partner. The sexual practice is condemed by some on authority of the Bible. It is primarily known as sodomy and condemed from the story of Lot and the angels in Sodom, by some parts of Christianity but not by all Christians. However anal penetration was an ancient way of asserting domination over "strangers, the conquered, and trespassers." (According to Jewish legend, there was even a law in Sodom that all strangers were to be so penetrated [Ginzberg, Louis. The Legends of the Jews. Philadelphia: Jewish Publications Society of America, 1909.1:254].) See Sex and the Bible

Meaning of Joanna

Joanna means: Piano

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Meaning of RAP SESSION

RAP SESSION means: Rap session is American slang for a conversation, a discussion.

Meaning of ROE

ROE means: Roe is British slang for semen.

Meaning of SHREWD−HEAD

SHREWD−HEAD means: Shrewd−head is Australian and New Zealand slang for a shrewd or cunning person.

Meaning of clackers

clackers means: false teeth

Meaning of flap your gums

flap your gums means: talk a lot

Meaning of ROR

ROR means: Raffing Out Roud (in scooby-doo dialect)

Meaning of knockers

knockers means: Breasts.

Meaning of Sycher

Sycher means: A contemptible person.

Meaning of MST

MST means: morphine tablets

Meaning of skinner

skinner means: A policeman. Owen Cash is such a skinflint, he cuts up sheets for napkins.

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