Slang definition of LA−LA−LAND

LA−LA−LAND means: La−la−land is British slang for a state of drugged or intoxicated euphoria.

What is the slang definition/meaning of LA−LA−LAND?

LA−LA−LAND means: La−la−land is British slang for a state of drugged or intoxicated euphoria.

Slang meaning of LA−LA−LAND

LA−LA−LAND means: La−la−land is British slang for a state of drugged or intoxicated euphoria.

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Meaning of Land Ho!

Land Ho! means: Traditional calling when a sailor sights land. The phrase dates from around 1840. The phrase is better left to the movies. In real life, sailors during the Golden Ages actually called "Land! Land!"

Meaning of Lay of the land

Lay of the land means: Nautically to "know the lay of the land" was important for navigation as well as an indicator of what the seafloor may be like. If the land is flat and sandy, the seabed is likely to be shallow and sandy.

Meaning of Land Breeze

Land Breeze means: A wind moving from the land to the water due to temperature changes in the evening, where the temperature of the land falls below the sea temperature.

Meaning of the land is yours oh god

the land is yours oh god means: People used to sing the opening line of this school hymn: The land is yours oh God, You nourish it with rain. This was popular because if sang in a certain manner, an all too obvious expletive could be constructed: The land is yours oh god, You nouriSH IT with rain. The word SHIT was over emphasised and everyone at Ley Hill Middle School (Sutton Coldfield) was in on the joke... thus making for particularly amusing assemblies.

Meaning of LA−LA−LAND

LA−LA−LAND means: La−la−land is British slang for a state of drugged or intoxicated euphoria.

Meaning of la la land

la la land means: n. a fanciful state of mind or dream land. Also can refer to Los Angeles. 

Meaning of Land-Loper or Land-Lubber

Land-Loper or Land-Lubber means: A vagrant, one who strolls about the country

Meaning of LAND ONE

LAND ONE means: Land one is British slang for to connect with a punch.

Meaning of Make land

Make land means: To discover land from afar.

Meaning of Lay the Land

Lay the Land means: To cause the land to sink below horizon by sailing away from it.

Meaning of la-la-land

la-la-land means: Noun. The hypothetical place where one is out of touch with reality, often after the excesses of alcohol or drugs. Originally referring to L.A. as in Los Angeles. E.g."Don't bother calling Pete; ever since his drug binge last night he's in la-la-land". [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of HOLY LAND

HOLY LAND means: Holy Land is British slang for an area populated by Jews (originally Whitechapel in London).

Meaning of Channel Land

Channel Land means: A vast area of outback land, (also referred to as channel country) that in the event of sudden torrential rain, fills quickly, swelling normally

Meaning of PEACOCK

PEACOCK means: Peacock was old Australian slang for to acquire the best pieces of land in such a way that the surrounding land is useless to others.

Meaning of Isthmus

Isthmus means: a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land areas The best known isthmus is the isthmus of Panama or Darien.

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Meaning of TIGER'S MILK

TIGER'S MILK means: Tiger's milk is slang for very strong alcoholic drink.

Meaning of BMW

BMW means: B*tch, Moan, Whine

Meaning of high-five

high-five means: Slapping someone else's palm stretched over the head. They gave each other a high-five after winning the sack race.

Meaning of bint

bint means: n woman, in the loosest sense of the word. One step short of a prostitute, a bint is a bird with less class, less selectivity, more makeup and even more skin. Blokes don’t talk to bints unless they’ve had at least eight pints of beer, which is why bints turn up in free-for-students nightclubs at 2:45 a.m. with their faked student ID and dance around their Moschino rucksacks. The word derives from the Arabic for “woman.” Well, I say “derives from” – it is the Arabic for “woman.”

Meaning of CV

CV means: n résumé. C.V. stands for the Latin curriculum vitae, “life’s work.” Brits don’t use “résumé” at all. In North America the term “C.V.” is sometimes used to refer to a fairly regimented timeline of academic achievement.

Meaning of french kissing

french kissing means: Mouth to mouth contact in which the tongue is inserted into the partners mouth and manipulated.

Meaning of basketful of meat

basketful of meat means: The male genitalia.

Meaning of Uranianism

Uranianism means: Antique medical terms for homosexuality.

Meaning of STRETCH 'EM OUT

STRETCH 'EM OUT means: Take out slack in couplings and drawbars of train

Meaning of Spade

Spade means: The spades in decks of cards are black.

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