Slang definition of LABOUR SKATE

LABOUR SKATE means: Labour skate is American slang for a trade−union official.

What is the slang definition/meaning of LABOUR SKATE?

LABOUR SKATE means: Labour skate is American slang for a trade−union official.

Slang meaning of LABOUR SKATE

LABOUR SKATE means: Labour skate is American slang for a trade−union official.

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LABOUR SKATE means: Labour skate is American slang for a trade−union official.

Meaning of SKATE

SKATE means: Skate is American slang for a person; fellow.Skate is American slang for avoid work or duty, shirk.Skate is American slang for a worn−out, decripit horse.

Meaning of THE LABOUR

THE LABOUR means: The labour was old British slang for the labour exchange, unemployment.

Meaning of HARD LABOUR

HARD LABOUR means: Hard labour is London Cockney rhyming slang for neighbour.

Meaning of skate

skate means: To leave; "Let's skate?"

Meaning of council house

council house means: n public housing, projects. Housing built by the government and meted out to the needy, so they can reproduce and smoke pot in it. In the U.K. such projects were largely the brainchild of a Labour government, but when the Conservatives took power in 1979 they had the fantastic idea of allowing the tenants (generally working-class Labour voters) the option of buying their council houses at a discount to market value, which proved wonderfully popular. It also made it rather tricky for Labour to reverse the plan when they attained power in 1997, as it had made a great many of their upstanding supporters substantially richer.

Meaning of Beggar-My-Neighbour

Beggar-My-Neighbour means: Labour

Meaning of Skate around

Skate around means: , as in “She skates around plenty” To be of easy virtue

Meaning of skate

skate means: Noun. A person from Portsmouth. Derog. [Mainly Southampton use]

Meaning of Skate

Skate means: A no good sailor who avoids work. A man frequently in trouble.

Meaning of Handraulic

Handraulic means: Describes a task that is done using manual labour.

Meaning of Labour

Labour means: A ship labours when she pitches and rolls heavily.

Meaning of SKATE

SKATE means: Shoe placed on rail in hump yard to stop cars with defective brakes

Meaning of U

U means: A letter used far more in British. It is in words like colour, favour, labour etc. I think this is why UK keyboards have 102 characters on them instead of your 101, or is it because they have a pound sign on them?

Meaning of gator-skate

gator-skate means: Running into the water, jumping on your board, and trying to slash an oncoming wave. Floridians do it to train for surfing. Example: “My boys from Jacksonville tear ass at gator-skating.

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CORNED BEEF LEGS means: Corned beef legs is British slang for red, bloychy legs.


SLIP IT TO SOMEONE means: Slip it to someone is British slang for have sex with someone.

Meaning of nan

nan means: Noun. Grandmother. {Informal}

Meaning of Stiffy

Stiffy means: - Yet another word for erection.

Meaning of QFT

QFT means: Quoted For Truth -or- Quit F***ing Talking

Meaning of clod

clod means: A clumsy, unsophisticated person from the country. That new guy is a clod straight from the country.

Meaning of psycho

psycho means: A crazy person. Lila is a psycho who should be in a hospital.

Meaning of priapism

priapism means: A condition resulting in prolonged and painful erection for as long as several days.

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