Slang definition of OFF ONE'S ROCKER

OFF ONE'S ROCKER means: Off one's rocker is slang for insane, crazy.

What is the slang definition/meaning of OFF ONE'S ROCKER?

OFF ONE'S ROCKER means: Off one's rocker is slang for insane, crazy.

Slang meaning of OFF ONE'S ROCKER

OFF ONE'S ROCKER means: Off one's rocker is slang for insane, crazy.

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Meaning of off one’s rocker

off one’s rocker means: adj crazy: Some chap was dancing with cars in the street – I think he was off his rocker! And there I go again with the copy-paste. God, I love computers.


OFF ONE'S ROCKER means: Off one's rocker is slang for insane, crazy.

Meaning of ROCKER

ROCKER means: Rocker is British slang for a member of a youth cult of the early s characterised by the wearing of a leather jacket, enthusiasm for motorcycles and s rock and roll music.

Meaning of PUNK ROCKER

PUNK ROCKER means: Punk Rocker is slang for heroin with cocaine, with crack, with Ecstasy (MDMA), or with LSD and marijuana.

Meaning of rocker

rocker means: A person who preferred to listen and dance to rock 'n roll music than that favoured by their avowed enemies the 'mods'. Rockers generally wore tight trousers or jeans, with thick soled shoes and had longish hair often greased back into D.A. hairstyles. The rocker was actually the 1960's successor of the 'Teddy Boy' of the 1950's, who in turn had been the inheritors of the style from the pre-WW2 'Vicky Boys'. Rockers also preferred the less than subtle charms of the motorbike which helped earn them the additional derogatory nickname of Greasers.

Meaning of off one's rocker

off one's rocker means: Phrs. Insane, crazy.

Meaning of Rocker

Rocker means: The upward curvature of the keel towards the bow and stern.

Meaning of sonné(e)

sonné(e) means: cracked; off one’s rocker; groggy

Meaning of estar mal de la azotea

estar mal de la azotea means: be off one’s rocker; be nuts; be crazy. (lit.: to be bad in the roof)

Meaning of PUNKETTE

PUNKETTE means: Punkette is slang for a female punk rocker.

Meaning of greb, grebo, greebo

greb, grebo, greebo means: Dirty, greasy haired, pos. dressed in dishevelled clothes, rocker-type person., pronounced gree-bo. Bands such as Zodiac Mindwarp and Pop Will Eat Itself were popular with grebo's.

Meaning of punk

punk means: n 1. A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group. 2. A young man who is the sexual partner of an older man. 3. A prostitute. 4. Music a. Punk Rock . b. A punk rocker.

Meaning of greaser

greaser means: Virtually synonymous with 'Rocker' this was anyone who preferred to ride the more functional motorbike instead of the less roadworthy but cleaner scooter (Lambretta or Vespa). The result of riding these machines was supposed to result in the user becoming 'greasy' because of the open engine design, and thereby needing to wear leathers. The 'mods' on the other hand could wear stylish clothes because the engine of the scooter was fully enclosed.

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Meaning of OFFIE

OFFIE means: Offie is British slang for an off−licence (liquor store).

Meaning of IMA

IMA means: I Might Add

Meaning of sok

sok means: it's ok

Meaning of bapes (Bathing Apes)

bapes (Bathing Apes) means: n. Sneakers designed by a popular Japanese clothing company, very popular in the hip hop community.  "I just got back from the mall and I got me some bapes baby!"  Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY - I Got Me Some Bapes (Bathing Apes)  Check Out My Bathing Apes I'm Fresh To Def And You Like Me Don't Try To Cop My Style Mayne Stick To Dem Nikes 

Meaning of frontin'

frontin' means: Lying. Trying to be something you’re not. The act of being fake.  "Man, don’t be frontin’, you know you messed with Kiesha last week!" 

Meaning of crumbles, crumblies

crumbles, crumblies means: Dog shit - the kind that goes white when dry and crumbles when you fall on it.

Meaning of pit job

pit job means: Sexual climax achieved by moving the erect penis back and forth in the armpit of one's partner.

Meaning of Customer will take a chance

Customer will take a chance means: Order of hash

Meaning of GOLDEN LEAF

GOLDEN LEAF means: very high quality marijuana

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