Slang definition of PENGUIN SUIT

PENGUIN SUIT means: Penguin suit is slang for formal male evening wear.

What is the slang definition/meaning of PENGUIN SUIT?

PENGUIN SUIT means: Penguin suit is slang for formal male evening wear.

Slang meaning of PENGUIN SUIT

PENGUIN SUIT means: Penguin suit is slang for formal male evening wear.

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PENGUIN SUIT means: Penguin suit is slang for formal male evening wear.


BIRTHDAY SUIT means: Birthday suit is British slang for naked.Birthday suit was th century British slang for a very expensive suit of clothes.

Meaning of Poopy Suit

Poopy Suit means: Quaint term for an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) suit.

Meaning of SUIT

SUIT means: Suit is slang for a white−collar worker, business executive.

Meaning of Bag

Bag means: Flight suit or antiexposure suit (“Put on a bag”); as a verb — to collect or acquire: as in, “bag some traps.”

Meaning of mankini

mankini means: n. a brief one piece swim suit for men with a t-back. (almost looks like a wrestling suit). 

Meaning of Mustang Suit

Mustang Suit means: A full body waterproof neoprene suit used for small boat operations in foul weather.

Meaning of monkey suit

monkey suit means: dinner suit

Meaning of G-suit

G-suit means: Nylon trousers that wrap around the legs and abdomen. Filled automatically with compressed air in highG maneuvers, the G-suit helps prevent the pooling of blood in the lower extremities, thus retarding the tendency to lose consciousness. Also known as “speedjeans.”

Meaning of ZOOT SUIT

ZOOT SUIT means: Zoot suit is British slang for a zipped forensic−evidence bag.

Meaning of TREE−SUIT

TREE−SUIT means: Tree−suit is Black−American slang for coffin

Meaning of Zoot

Zoot means: Used in the thirties and forties to describe exaggerated clothes, especially a zoot suit.Look at that cat's "zoot" suit. It's crazy, man.

Meaning of DIVING SUIT

DIVING SUIT means: Diving suit is British slang for a condom.

Meaning of birthday suit

birthday suit means: naked ‘Look at that! He’s in his birthday suit.’

Meaning of John Thomas

John Thomas means: n penis. The term derives from the name given to the appendage of the leading man in D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The book was made famous by the obscenity trial it landed Penguin Books in during the 1950s. Someone once told me that in America one could buy “John Thomas relish” to put on your lunch. This turned out to be nonsense, but is somehow still amusing. Perhaps I’ll invent it.

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Meaning of BAMBA

BAMBA means: Bamba is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of GONK

GONK means: Gonk is British slang for a stupid or grotesque person. Gonk is British slang for a prostitute's client.Gonk was British military slang during the 's for sleep.

Meaning of SLAGGING

SLAGGING means: Slagging is British slang for criticism, denigration, abuse.

Meaning of TTMF

TTMF means: Ta Ta MOFO

Meaning of curbie

curbie means: Used to describe high-school students who smoke cigarettes between classes. Smoking is not allowed on most high school campuses, so students who smoke go across the street and sit on the curb to smoke. Sometimes more than tobacco is smoked. Word generally describes kids in the "tough croud" who wear all black and rebel against authority any chance they get.

Meaning of Psyched

Psyched means: Excited. "Hey I am so psyched about this concert."

Meaning of By Hook Or By Crook

By Hook Or By Crook means: One way or other, by any expedient. "It can't be done by hook or crook.”

Meaning of COCKTAIL

COCKTAIL means: partially smoked marijuana cigareete inserted in regular cigarette

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