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Meaning of ALABAMA

ALABAMA means: Alabama is British rhyming slang for hammer.

Meaning of ALABASTER

ALABASTER means: Alabaster is British rhyming slang for plaster.


ALADDIN'S CAVE means: Aladdin's cave is British slang for a stash of stolen goods.

Meaning of ALAN BORDER

ALAN BORDER means: Alan Border is British rhyming slang for order.

Meaning of ALAN LADD

ALAN LADD means: Alan Ladd is British rhyming slang for unfashionable (sad).

Meaning of ALAN MINTER

ALAN MINTER means: Alan Minter is British rhyming slang for splinter.


ALAN WHICKER means: Alan Whicker is British rhyming slang for one pound (nicker).


ALAN WHICKERS means: Alan Whickers is British Cockney rhyming slang for knickers.


ALAN'S PSYCHEDELIC BREAKFAST means: Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast is American slang for to vomit.

Meaning of ALANS

ALANS means: Alans (shortened from Alan Whickers) is British rhyming slang for knickers.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Thundercatness

Thundercatness means: Acting slutty for women or manwhore for men

Meaning of Jellyfish

Jellyfish means:

Meaning of , it means eggplant head

, it means eggplant head means:

Meaning of Pink panther

Pink panther means:

Meaning of

means: brainless wonder

Meaning of Palm Desert Criminal Attorney

Palm Desert Criminal Attorney means: Address:
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Meaning of xwwwwwxwww

xwwwwwxwww means:

Meaning of

means: You are a shrimp

Meaning of Dolly dimple

Dolly dimple means: Simple

Meaning of Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer means: Address:
355 S. Grand Ave, 24th Floor 2426
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Phone: (310) 502-1314



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