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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of BEAKER

BEAKER means: Beaker is slang for a fowl, a chicken.


BEAKER−HAULER means: Beaker−hauler is slang for a poultry thief who sells stolen poultry door−to−door.


BEALLADONA means: Bealladona is slang for the drug phencyclidine.

Meaning of BEAM

BEAM means: Beam is Black−American slang for to look.

Meaning of BEAMER

BEAMER means: Beamer is American slang for a BMW car.

Meaning of BEAN

BEAN means: Bean is slang for the head.Bean is British slang for a coin.Bean was old British slang for a pound sterling.Bean was old British slang for a guinea.Bean is Black−American slang for the sun.


BEAN COUNTER means: Bean counter is Australian slang for an accountant.

Meaning of BEAN'T

BEAN'T means: Bean't is Dorset slang for it isn't.

Meaning of BEAN−BAG

BEAN−BAG means: Bean−bag is British slang for an unpleasant person.

Meaning of BEANER

BEANER means: Beaner is American slang for an Hispanic American or Mexican.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir la cote

avoir la cote means: be well thought of (lit.: to have the quota)

Meaning of avoir la bouche en cœur

avoir la bouche en cœur means: simper

Meaning of avoir l’oeil

avoir l’oeil means: have a good eye; have a quick eye

Meaning of avoir l’habitude

avoir l’habitude means: be in the habit of

Meaning of avoir l’estomac ereux

avoir l’estomac ereux means: be famished

Meaning of avoir l’estomac dans les talons

avoir l’estomac dans les talons means: be famished; be starving

Meaning of avoir l’espirt mal tourné

avoir l’espirt mal tourné means: have a dirty mind; have an evil mind

Meaning of avoir l’espirt de clocher

avoir l’espirt de clocher means: be narrow-minded

Meaning of avoir l’air

avoir l’air means: seem; feel; appear (lit.: to have the air [of])

Meaning of avoir honte

avoir honte means: be ashamed; be embarassed

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