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CANTEEN MEDAL means: Canteen medal is British slang for a food stain on one's clothes.

Meaning of CANUCK

CANUCK means: Canuck is slang for a Canadian.

Meaning of CANUK

CANUK means: Canuk was a nineteenth and early twentieth century American slang expression for a Canadian.

Meaning of CANVAS

CANVAS means: Canvas is British slang for the skin.

Meaning of CAP

CAP means: Cap is slang for a capsule of an illegal drug. Cap is slang for oral sex.Cap is American slang for to insult, humiliate.

Meaning of CAPE HORN

CAPE HORN means: Cape Horn is London Cockney rhyming slang for a corn.


CAPE OF GOOD HOPE means: Cape of Good Hope is London Cockney rhyming slang for soap.

Meaning of CAPEESH

CAPEESH means: Capeesh is slang for understand.

Meaning of CAPER

CAPER means: Caper is slang for an activity.Caper is American and Canadian slang for a crime, especially an organized robbery.


CAPITAL CITY means: Capital City is London Cockney rhyming slang for a woman's breast (titty).

Slang words, phrases and definitions

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Meaning of Hemmed p

Hemmed p means:

Meaning of Grandma's dacha

Grandma's dacha means:

Meaning of mae

mae means: money earned implicitly

Meaning of Chutiya

Chutiya means:

Meaning of henna

henna means:

Meaning of Channel-surfing

Channel-surfing means:

Meaning of DickRiding

DickRiding means: Dick Riding Is When Someone Over Praise Another Person With Intentions To Get Noticed, Or To Get Approval By That Person. This Person Acts Like A "Groupie" In Hope On Obtaining Extra Cool Points From That Person.

Meaning of boycott

boycott means:

Meaning of monkey on a stick

monkey on a stick means:

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