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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of FLAPHEAD

FLAPHEAD means: Flaphead is British slang for a man who combs his hair over to hide his baldness.

Meaning of FLAPPER

FLAPPER means: Flapper was old British slang for an arm.


FLAPPING TRACK means: Flapping track is British slang for an unlicensed greyhound track.

Meaning of FLAPS

FLAPS means: Flaps is slang for the labia. Flaps is slang for ears

Meaning of FLAPSHOT

FLAPSHOT means: Flapshot is slang for an explicit pornographic photograph of the vagina with the labia pulled aside.

Meaning of FLARGE

FLARGE means: Flarge is British slang for camouflage.

Meaning of FLASH

FLASH means: Flash is slang for a glimpse of something.Flash is slang for the sensation felt immediately after injecting a narcotic.Flash is slang for ostentatious.Flash is British slang for to expose oneself indecently.

Meaning of FLASH HARRY

FLASH HARRY means: Flash Harry is British slang for a show−off.


FLASH OF LIGHT means: Flash of light is London Cockney rhyming slang for someone who dresses gaudily (a sight).

Meaning of FLASH ON

FLASH ON means: Flash on is slang for to be inspired by something.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of dig

dig means: nigger faggot

Meaning of put your tn foil down

put your tn foil down means:

Meaning of cruisin for a bruisin

cruisin for a bruisin means:

Meaning of

means: Close enough/near enough

Meaning of Chunky

Chunky means:

Meaning of

means: Arrieta

Meaning of thrumme

thrumme means:

Meaning of thrumme

thrumme means:

Meaning of Lodestone

Lodestone means:

Meaning of Tommy tucker

Tommy tucker means:

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