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Words starting with g

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of GEE VET!

GEE VET! means: Gee vet! is South African slang for hurry up!

Meaning of GEE−GEE

GEE−GEE means: Gee−gee is British slang for a horse.

Meaning of GEEK

GEEK means: Geek is slang for a freak, an insane or disgusting person.

Meaning of GEEK OUT

GEEK OUT means: Geek out is American slang for to behave eccentrically.Geek out is American slang for to search frantically for drug remnants.

Meaning of GEEK ROCK

GEEK ROCK means: Geek rock is American slang for crack cocaine.

Meaning of GEESE

GEESE means: Geese is British slang for a Portugese person.

Meaning of GEETS

GEETS means: Geets is Black−American slang for power or money or both


GEEWILLIES means: Geewillies is slang for nervousness, tension.

Meaning of GEEZE BAG

GEEZE BAG means: Geeze bag is derogatory American slang for an old person.

Meaning of GEEZER

GEEZER means: Geezer is slang for a man.Geezer is slang for a confidence trickster's victim.Geezer is slang for an injection of a narcotic drug.Geezer is American slang for a heroin addict.Geezer is Irish slang for a cat.Geezer was early th century American slang for a drink of whisky or strong liquor.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of m8

m8 means: It refers to mate

Meaning of Doogie

Doogie means: Doogie means to be dumb or silly

Meaning of Cappin

Cappin means: When someone is lying or flaughing

Meaning of


Meaning of pedes

pedes means:

Meaning of roulade

roulade means:

Meaning of Powder puff

Powder puff means: Construction cleanup last clean.

Meaning of


Meaning of wazz

wazz means:

Meaning of Sleeping s o.

Sleeping s o. means:

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