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Meaning of HAND JIVE

HAND JIVE means: Hand jive is American slang for to dance with the hands, moving the hands in time to the music. Hand jive is American slang for to masturbate.

Meaning of HAND JOB

HAND JOB means: Hand job is British slang for masturbation.Hand job is American slang for insincere flattery.Hand job is American slang for an unpleasant person.


HAND LIKE A FOOT means: Hand like a foot was old th century slang for poor handwriting.

Meaning of HAND SHANDY

HAND SHANDY means: Hand shandy is British slang for masturbation.

Meaning of HAND−JOB

HAND−JOB means: Hand−job is slang for masturbation (usually of a male by a female).

Meaning of HAND−ME−DOWNS

HAND−ME−DOWNS means: Hand−me−downs is slang for second−hand clothes.

Meaning of HANDBAG

HANDBAG means: Handbag is British slang for a male escort.Handbag is British slang for to frustrate, attack or obstruct.Handbag is British slang for money.Handbag is slang for style of house music which has a more poppy and accessible quality, oftencrowd−pleasing.


HANDBAGS AT TWENTY PACES means: Handbags at twenty paces is British slang for a half−hearted fight in which neither party wants to hurt the other.

Meaning of HANDCUFFS

HANDCUFFS means: Handcuffs is Black−American slang for an engagement ring or wedding ring

Meaning of HANDFUL

HANDFUL means: Handful is British slang for the quantity five.Handful is British slang for a five−year prison sentence.Handful is British slang for five pounds sterling.

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Meaning of


Meaning of Sket

Sket means: A girl that has lots of boys to choose from like that girl likes every boy

Meaning of back seat bingo

back seat bingo means: Back seat bingo

Meaning of MZXCO ,COM


Meaning of Finesse someone means:

Finesse someone means: means: To steal or take something off of someone leaving them in shocking surprise. *Example* Tyrone just finessed me... he took my apple juice. Finesse is an American slang term, mainly used by African Americans!

Meaning of anguist

anguist means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of U

U means: U meaning you

Meaning of Yo

Yo means: Meaning hello

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