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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of LEMONS

LEMONS means: Lemons is slang for the breasts.

Meaning of LEMONY

LEMONY means: Lemony is Australian slang for angry or irritable.

Meaning of LEN HUTTON

LEN HUTTON means: Len Hutton is London Cockney rhyming slang for button.

Meaning of LEND A HAND

LEND A HAND means: Lend a hand is slang for assist.

Meaning of LENGTH

LENGTH means: Length is British slang for a six−month prison sentence. Length is British slang for the penis.


LENNY THE LION means: Lenny the lion is London Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexiual (iron).

Meaning of LENO

LENO means: Leno is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of LEO SAYER

LEO SAYER means: Leo Sayer is rhyming slang for something that lasts all day.

Meaning of LERGI

LERGI means: Lergi is British slang for an unspecified disease.

Meaning of LES

LES means: Les is slang for lesbian.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of


Meaning of Hemmed p

Hemmed p means:

Meaning of Grandma's dacha

Grandma's dacha means:

Meaning of mae

mae means: money earned implicitly

Meaning of Chutiya

Chutiya means:

Meaning of henna

henna means:

Meaning of Channel-surfing

Channel-surfing means:

Meaning of DickRiding

DickRiding means: Dick Riding Is When Someone Over Praise Another Person With Intentions To Get Noticed, Or To Get Approval By That Person. This Person Acts Like A "Groupie" In Hope On Obtaining Extra Cool Points From That Person.

Meaning of boycott

boycott means:

Meaning of monkey on a stick

monkey on a stick means:

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