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Words starting with m

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of moody

moody means: Adj. Suspicious, not genuine. E.g."Don't buy any watches off that crook, they're well moody." [London use]

Meaning of moo juice

moo juice means: Noun. Milk. From moo meaning cow.

Meaning of moonraker

moonraker means: Noun. A person from the town of Middleton, Manchester. Occasionally derog.

Meaning of mopper-upper

mopper-upper means: Noun. A person or thing with the job or task of mopping up.

Meaning of moresome

moresome means: Noun. Group sex, usually implying the number of participants being greater than 3 (threesome). [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of more something than soft mick

more something than soft mick means: Phrs. Having excess of something. E.g."Ever since she won the lottery, Jayne's got more money than soft mick."

Meaning of mornge

mornge means: Noun. A whingey, feeble person. Derog. [Lancs/Yorks use]

Meaning of morngy

morngy means: Adj. Moany, whingey, feeble. Also morngie and mawngy. [Lancs/Yorks use]

Meaning of morning glory

morning glory means: Noun. An erection of the penis on awaking from a night's sleep. Cf. 'morning wood'.

Meaning of morning wood

morning wood means: Noun. An erection of the penis that is evident on awakening from sleep. Cf. 'morning glory'.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney means: Address : 505 N Tustin Ave #103, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone : 949-423-3212

Email :

Website :

Hours : Available 24hrs

Payment : cash, credit/debit cards, cashier's checks, money orders

Keywords : Compensation Attorney at Santa Ana, CA Attorney,Santa Ana at law

Description : At Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney, we understand how many lines of work expose employees to extreme danger of sudden injury and disability OR of chronic injuries through repetitive motions and daily stress. We stand ready to assist you in securing your rightful workers compensation benefits to remove the financial burden that may now be weighing down on you due to a work-related injury.

Meaning of


Meaning of

means: Indelect

Meaning of BH Locksmith

BH Locksmith means: Address: 6720 Chimney Rock Rd, Suite R. Houston, TX 77081

Phone : (281) 777-6030

Email :

Website :

Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card

Opening hours : 24/7 hours

Starting year of business: 2006

Keywords: Locksmith Houston, Houston Locksmith, car locksmith houston, commercial locksmith houston, 24 hour locksmith houston, residential Locksmith

Description: BH Locksmith provides locksmith services in Houston and surrounding communities. We provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services including all car key replacement

Meaning of

means: down to larkin

Meaning of hot rocks

hot rocks means:

Meaning of hot rocks

hot rocks means:

Meaning of


Meaning of man o war,how far shall we go

man o war,how far shall we go means: Slang meaning or definition and example;war bey:aii the way

Meaning of Foster Douglas

Foster Douglas means: Whether you're a first time buyer, an investor or someone who needs to buy or sell your luxury home, our background in financial services, escrow and sales and knowledge of the real estate market will help us accomplish your real estate goals! You're success is our success!

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