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Meaning of NIBHEAD

NIBHEAD means: Nibhead is British slang for a gormless or comical young person.

Meaning of NICE ENOUGH

NICE ENOUGH means: Nice enough is London Cockney rhyming slang for a male homosexual (puff).

Meaning of NICE ONE, CYRIL

NICE ONE, CYRIL means: Nice one, Cyril is London Cockney rhyming slang for squirrel.

Meaning of NICELY DONE

NICELY DONE means: Nicely done is British slang for pleasantly drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of NICK

NICK means: Nick is slang for to arrest.Nick is British slang for to steal.Nick is British slang for prison or a police station.

Meaning of NICK COTTON

NICK COTTON means: Nick Cotton is London Cockney rhyming slang for rotten.

Meaning of NICK OFF

NICK OFF means: Nick off is British slang for to play truant.

Meaning of NICK−BENT

NICK−BENT means: Nick−bent is British slang for to be temporarily homosexual due to, and for the duration of imprisonment.

Meaning of NICKEL BAG

NICKEL BAG means: Nickel bag is American slang for a portion of marijuana or another drug worth five dollars.

Meaning of NICKEL NOTE

NICKEL NOTE means: Nickel note is Black−American slang for a five dollar bill.

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Meaning of

means: Surely "I don't know"(quad erat demonstrandum apparently)

Meaning of chips

chips means:

Meaning of Tarnie

Tarnie means:

Meaning of binos

binos means:

Meaning of mother of saints

mother of saints means:

Meaning of Russian arsetickler

Russian arsetickler means: Doesn't fit in arse and doesn't tickle.

Meaning of dog and bone

dog and bone means:

Meaning of The

The means: "The cat is flargo"

Meaning of Flargo

Flargo means: When you can't eat your sandwich

Meaning of Puddles

Puddles means:

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