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Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of ON THE FLY

ON THE FLY means: On the fly is British slang for in a rush, having no time.

Meaning of ON THE FRITZ

ON THE FRITZ means: On the Fritz is American slang for malfunctioning, out of order.

Meaning of ON THE GAME

ON THE GAME means: On the game is slang for working as a prostitute.

Meaning of ON THE HOOK

ON THE HOOK means: On the hook is slang for waiting. On the hook is slang for in a dangerous or difficult situation.

Meaning of ON THE HORN

ON THE HORN means: On the horn is British slang for having an erection.

Meaning of ON THE HURRY−UP

ON THE HURRY−UP means: On the hurry−up is British slang for at full speed.

Meaning of ON THE JOB

ON THE JOB means: On the job is British slang for engaged in sexual intercourse.

Meaning of ON THE KNOCK

ON THE KNOCK means: On The Knock is British slang for on credit or hire purchase.On The Knock is British slang for engaged in selling or canvassing door to door.


ON THE KNOCKER means: On the knocker is British slang for going from door to door trying to sell something of dubious value or to persuade the gullible to sell antiques or other items for far less than their worth.

Meaning of ON THE LAY−BY

ON THE LAY−BY means: On the lay−by is Australian slang for on hire purchase.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of

means: XXX

Meaning of


Meaning of Xxxxx

Xxxxx means: Xxxx

Meaning of Traipses

Traipses means:

Meaning of Frajo

Frajo means:

Meaning of Mug match

Mug match means: ?

Meaning of poofer

poofer means: meaning marijuana cigarettr

Meaning of cushion

cushion means:

Meaning of

means: A gram of herion. Will he do a jab for $70.00?

Meaning of MOZZY


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