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Meaning of OFF THE HOOK

OFF THE HOOK means: Off the hook is slang for out of trouble, freed from a difficult situation.Off the hook is Australian slang for a married man out for the night with male friends. Off the hook isAmerican slang for ill, in a bad temper, nervous.Off the hook is American slang for something so good it transcends description.

Meaning of OFF THE HOOKS

OFF THE HOOKS means: Off the hooks was old slang for ill−tempered.Off the hooks was th century slang for at once, immediately.Off the hooks was th century slang for dead.Off the hooks was th century slang for crazy, eccentric.Off the hooks was th century slang for to be unrestrained, to behave to excess.

Meaning of OFF THE HORN

OFF THE HORN means: Off the horn was th century slang for very tough and chewy.

Meaning of OFF THE NAIL

OFF THE NAIL means: Off the nail was th century slang for slightly intoxicated, tipsy.


OFF THE RUNWAY means: Off the runway is American slang for very thin.

Meaning of OFF THE TOP

OFF THE TOP means: Off the top is slang for taken first.

Meaning of OFF THE WALL

OFF THE WALL means: Off the wall is slang for eccentric, unusual.

Meaning of OFF−SIDE

OFF−SIDE means: Off−side is British slang for unfair, improper behaviour.

Meaning of OFF−SIDER

OFF−SIDER means: Off−sider is Australian slang for an assistant.

Meaning of OFF−THE−WALL

OFF−THE−WALL means: Off−the−wall is slang for new or unexpected in an unconventional or eccentric way.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Chili

Chili means: 1 A good looking person but not suitable for marriage
Synonyms= prostitute, hoochie mama, hooker.
2 A pretender more especially a cold hearted person who appears to be good looking.

Submitted by Nelzealours Motor.

Meaning of Urpulchritudinous

Urpulchritudinous means: You are pulchritudinous

Meaning of

means: Welpulchritude- it a compliment meaning; you are beautiful!

Meaning of Nelzealours

Nelzealours means: I am zealous to do good things. "An alternative spelling of Nelzealours is neozealours. The name Nelzealours is derived from two languages i.e nsenga (neo/nel meaning me or I am) a Zambian language and English (zealous).

Meaning of Cleo68014

Cleo68014 means: A 28 year old male who has a fantasy for young girls, and loves touching their “tummies”.

He is a doctor who fanboy who loves cosplaying as “The Doctor”, and often dresses up as the “Tardis”.

If you see this man or his username anywhere, please do not approach him. He is a very highly dangerous individual and can scare young girls as young as 12 into having “virtual sex” with them.

Please be aware.

Meaning of poofta

poofta means: Faggot homosexual

Meaning of lady's mantle

lady's mantle means:

Meaning of lady's mantle

lady's mantle means:

Meaning of


Meaning of Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crimes Attorney means: Address: Symphony Towers,750 B Street Suite 3120, San Diego, CA 92101 USA

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