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Words starting with p

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of PEC

PEC means: Pec is slang for pectoral muscle.

Meaning of PECK

PECK means: Peck is slang for food. Peck is slang for to eat. Peck is slang for money.Peck is slang for a perfunctory kiss.Peck is Black American slang for a White person.

Meaning of PECK ALLEY

PECK ALLEY means: Peck alley is slang for the throat.


PECK AND PERCH means: Peck and perch is old slang for board and lodging.


PECK AND TIPPLE means: Peck and tipple was th century slang for food and drink.

Meaning of PECK'S BAD BOY

PECK'S BAD BOY means: Peck's bad boy is American slang for a naughty child.

Meaning of PECKAGE

PECKAGE means: Peckage was old slang for scraps of food.

Meaning of PECKER

PECKER means: Pecker is British slang for spirits. Pecker is British slang for the nose.Pecker is American and Canadian slang for the penis.


PECKER CHEESE means: Pecker cheese is American slang for a build−up of muck found under the foreskin.

Meaning of PECKER SNOT

PECKER SNOT means: Pecker snot is American slang for semen.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Respect

Respect means:

Meaning of Ratty

Ratty means:

Meaning of wog

wog means: From "western oriental gentleman" ,became generally used for any non white

Meaning of Mutanda

Mutanda means: Cigarette

Meaning of Litty

Litty means:

Meaning of

means: 20005

Meaning of

means: lopvlies

Meaning of jogs

jogs means: Slang meaning or definition and example

Meaning of

means: Garbo

Meaning of Whirly dirly

Whirly dirly means: talking of kind of kisses : in the certain version of the whirly dirly manual, you get lip sucking in there

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