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Words starting with p

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of PIES

PIES means: Pies is Black−American slang for the eyes

Meaning of PIFF

PIFF means: Piff is British slang for nonsense.

Meaning of PIFFLE

PIFFLE means: Piffle is slang for nonsense, drivel.

Meaning of PIFFY

PIFFY means: Piffy is British slang for dubious, doubtful, suspect.

Meaning of PIG

PIG means: Pig is slang for a policeman/woman. Pig is slang for a girl.Pig is female slang for a sexist male. Pig is slang for a segment of orange.Pig is British slang for a slow racehorse. Pig is British slang for a slow greyhound.Pig is British slang for a vehicle that habitually breaks−down.

Meaning of PIG AND ROAST

PIG AND ROAST means: Pig and roast was British army Second World War rhyming slang for toast.


PIG IN THE MIDDLE means: Pig in the middle is London Cockney rhyming slang for urination (piddle).

Meaning of PIG IT

PIG IT means: Pig it is British slang for to behave in a disgusting manner.

Meaning of PIG LATIN

PIG LATIN means: Pig latin is slang for coining slang terms by rearranging the syllables in a word.

Meaning of PIG MEAT

PIG MEAT means: Pig meat is Black−American slang for an older woman

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir l’espirt mal tourné

avoir l’espirt mal tourné means: have a dirty mind; have an evil mind

Meaning of avoir l’espirt de clocher

avoir l’espirt de clocher means: be narrow-minded

Meaning of avoir l’air

avoir l’air means: seem; feel; appear (lit.: to have the air [of])

Meaning of avoir honte

avoir honte means: be ashamed; be embarassed

Meaning of avoir fait sone temps

avoir fait sone temps means: have had one’s day

Meaning of avoir envie de

avoir envie de means: want to; feel like

Meaning of avoir du mal à

avoir du mal à means: have difficulty

Meaning of avoir du foin dans les bottes

avoir du foin dans les bottes means: have feathered one’s nest

Meaning of avoir du cran

avoir du cran means: have guts; be brave

Meaning of avoir du cachet

avoir du cachet means: have style

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