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Words starting with p

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of PIGGY BANK

PIGGY BANK means: Piggy bank is London Cockney rhyming slang for masturbate (wank).

Meaning of PIGLET

PIGLET means: Piglet is British slang for a rude, obnoxious child. Piglet is Australian slang for an unattractive girl.

Meaning of PIGMOBILE

PIGMOBILE means: Pigmobile is slang for a police car.

Meaning of PIGSHIT

PIGSHIT means: Pigshit is slang for rubbish.

Meaning of PIGSKIN

PIGSKIN means: Pigskin is slang for a saddle.

Meaning of PIGSKIN BUS

PIGSKIN BUS means: Pigskin bus is Australian slang for the penis.


PIGSTICKER means: Pigsticker is slang for a large sharp hunting knife.

Meaning of PIGSTY

PIGSTY means: Pigsty is British slang for a police station.

Meaning of PIGSWILL

PIGSWILL means: Pigswill is British slang for nonsense talk.

Meaning of PIKER

PIKER means: Piker is slang for a wild bullock.Piker is British slang for a gypsy or new−age traveller.Piker is American, Australian and New Zealand slang for a lazy person; shirker. Piker is slang for amean person.Piker is New Zealand slang for a useless person; failure.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of affreux jojo

affreux jojo means: nasty person

Meaning of ado

ado means: teen; teenager; adolescent (abbr. from adolescent). 1. C’est donc une discussion hyper intense d’ados.

Meaning of acheter chat en poche

acheter chat en poche means: buy a pig in a poke (lit.: buy a cat in the pocket)

Meaning of accorder ses violons

accorder ses violons means: get one’s story straight (lit.: to tune one’s violins; n.b: usually used in the plural to refer to several people collaborating to create or agree upon a

Meaning of abruti

abruti means: idiot, twit, jerk (n.b.: colloquial) (e.g.: il est un abruti)

Meaning of abonder en/dans le sense de

abonder en/dans le sense de means: be entirely in agreement with (lit.: be full in the sense of)

Meaning of abattre son jeu

abattre son jeu means: show one’s hand (lit.: bring out one’s play)

Meaning of abattre ses cartes

abattre ses cartes means: show one’s cards; show one’s hand (lit.: bring out one’s cards)

Meaning of abattre du travail

abattre du travail means: get through a lot of work (lit.: cut down/through the work)

Meaning of à vue de nez 

à vue de nez  means: roughly

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