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Words starting with p

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of PILLARS

PILLARS means: Pillars is Black−American slang for human legs

Meaning of PILLOCK

PILLOCK means: Pillock is British slang for idiot, fool. Pillock was old British slang for the penis.

Meaning of PILLOCKS

PILLOCKS means: Pillocks was th century slang for stupid talk; nonsense.

Meaning of PILLOW

PILLOW means: Pillow is British slang for to have sexual intercourse.


PILLOW−BITER means: Pillow−biter is British and Australian slang for a passive male homosexual.

Meaning of PILLS

PILLS means: Pills is slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride. Pills is slang for testicles.

Meaning of PIMP

PIMP means: Pimp is slang for cocaine.Pimp is Australian and New Zealand slang for a spy or informer.

Meaning of PIMP STEAK

PIMP STEAK means: Pimp steak is Black−American slang for a hot dog

Meaning of PIMP STICK

PIMP STICK means: Pimp stick is American tramp slang for a cigarette

Meaning of PIMPLE

PIMPLE means: Pimple is British lorry−driver slang for a hill.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of à tire-larigot 

à tire-larigot  means: a lot (always at the end of a sentence, not used much anymore). 1. Il y en avait à tire-larigot.

Meaning of à temps

à temps means: in time

Meaning of à tel enseigne que

à tel enseigne que means: so much so that

Meaning of a son/ton/mon sujet

a son/ton/mon sujet means: about him/her/you/me

Meaning of à son insu

à son insu means: without someone’s knowing

Meaning of à propos de

à propos de means: about; concerning; with regard to. 1. Je voulais vous parler à propos de ce projet.

Meaning of à propos

à propos means: by the way; incidentally

Meaning of à pleins poumons

à pleins poumons means: at the top of one’s lungs

Meaning of à perte de vue

à perte de vue means: as far as (one) can see

Meaning of à peine

à peine means: hardly, scarcely, just

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