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Words starting with p

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of PILLARS

PILLARS means: Pillars is Black−American slang for human legs

Meaning of PILLOCK

PILLOCK means: Pillock is British slang for idiot, fool. Pillock was old British slang for the penis.

Meaning of PILLOCKS

PILLOCKS means: Pillocks was th century slang for stupid talk; nonsense.

Meaning of PILLOW

PILLOW means: Pillow is British slang for to have sexual intercourse.


PILLOW−BITER means: Pillow−biter is British and Australian slang for a passive male homosexual.

Meaning of PILLS

PILLS means: Pills is slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride. Pills is slang for testicles.

Meaning of PIMP

PIMP means: Pimp is slang for cocaine.Pimp is Australian and New Zealand slang for a spy or informer.

Meaning of PIMP STEAK

PIMP STEAK means: Pimp steak is Black−American slang for a hot dog

Meaning of PIMP STICK

PIMP STICK means: Pimp stick is American tramp slang for a cigarette

Meaning of PIMPLE

PIMPLE means: Pimple is British lorry−driver slang for a hill.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of au fil de l’eau

au fil de l’eau means: with the current

Meaning of au fil de

au fil de means: with the passing (of time)

Meaning of au fait de

au fait de means: up to date on

Meaning of au fait

au fait means: by the way

Meaning of au doigt et à oeil

au doigt et à oeil means: to the letter

Meaning of au doigt et à l’œil

au doigt et à l’œil means: slavishly

Meaning of au diable

au diable means: way out; in the sticks; in the boondocks

Meaning of au dam de

au dam de means: to the detriment of; to the displeasure of

Meaning of au courant

au courant means: current, up to date

Meaning of au cas où

au cas où means: in case

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